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  1. 66replica

    Riding from Seattle to San Francisco in early summer - Where to go?

    Hey all, I'm planning a 7 or 8 day trip from Seattle to San Francisco during the last week of May/first week of June. I'm planning on camping most nights and maybe grabbing a hotel once or twice. I'm working on my route currently and I'm looking for input on any great roads/sights/parks that I...
  2. 66replica

    First bike for the wife

    Well, it finally happened. My wife has been infected with motorcycle fever. She's taking a safety course soon and it's my job to find her first bike. She's short - 5 foot even to be exact, and has never been in control of a motorcycle. I'm looking for something small, easy to handle, cheapish...
  3. 66replica

    Brand New Chippewa Motorcycle Boots Size 10.5

    I won these in a package deal at a charity auction and they don't work for me. They retail for around $250. These are brand new with the tags. The leather is pretty amazing quality and they're hand made in Illinois. Make me an offer.
  4. 66replica

    RD400 Electronic Ignition

    I'm looking for an electronic ignition. Specifically one that I can retain the charging system with. Anyone got one?
  5. 66replica

    Bad ignition switch?

    If I measure voltage at the back of the switch on the always hot wire, I get 0. If I unplug the switch and measure voltage on the same wire, I have 12v. Bad switch? Ideas?
  6. 66replica

    Bar end mirrors that fit Woodcraft clip ons

    Hey all, I've got two bikes with woodcrafts, and none of the bar end mirrors that go inside the bar fit. Anyone have a recommendation on a mirror that will fit despite the tapered interior?
  7. 66replica

    1976 Yamaha RD400

    I've got a build thread but thought I'd post here now that she's done.
  8. 66replica

    Headlight buckets with a gauge in them

    What models came stock with a gauge in the bucket? If you know of one, post it up. I'm looking for one for my Thruxton build.
  9. 66replica

    What to check when you have unsteady idle, loss of power

    Ran into an interesting issue on my 360 today. A few months ago, I was having a problem with a loss of power/bog combined with an extremely unsteady idle. I replaced the condenser and the issue went away. This week, the bike had similar symptoms with additional backfiring. Turns out, the...
  10. 66replica

    Air Compressors - which one should I buy?

    I'm looking to buy my first air compressor for my garage. I'd like to use it for painting, blasting and grinding. I currently mostly build motorcycles but I could see restoring an old truck in the near future. Here is my criteria: Able to paint a motorcycle (car is a bonus), blast parts, grind...
  11. 66replica

    Opinions needed (I know we've got plenty of those)

    Hey guys, Trying to pick a color for my RD and I'd like to get some suggestions. I've been working on this for a few weeks and just can't decide. Here's what I think so far: No yellow No orange (motofiaccone did an orange RD) No black Probably not green So that leaves: Red - maybe an...
  12. 66replica

    Best builds on DTT right now

    This thread is a place for you to post a link to the best current build threads on the site. Threads should be in progress at the time of posting. If any of you turn this into a bitching and moaning thread, or some sort of pissing match, I will come set your bike on fire. 8)
  13. 66replica

    Fun Afternoon Ride

    A few of us from Texas went on an afternoon ride last weekend. Had a chance to test out the GoPro I got for Christmas. Enjoy! Click through for full HD resolution
  14. 66replica

    If you're in DFW and not on the DFW Facebook group...

    You're missing out! We meet up at least once a week to ride or hang out. And for all you mopes that haven't made it out yet, come on!
  15. 66replica

    DFW: Amsterdam Bar tonight!

    We're meeting at the Amsterdam bar this evening. If you haven't already, you should join the DTT DFW Facebook. That's the best place to get info about our frequent meetups.
  16. 66replica

    Got a new toy! Already planning mods.

    Well, it's the first bike in the stable that isn't vintage. It rides pretty well though. Already planning mods. Alloy tank, anyone?
  17. 66replica

    Good News!

    Wife said she wants to do a photoshoot with the bike. Didn't even have to ask. 8)
  18. 66replica

    Just picked up this little lady

    Mysta2 started work on this CB750 and then sold it to a friend. It languished in the friend's garage for a while until I inquired about it. Now I'm the proud owner of a CB750F Supersport. Guess I needed a project after I finish the RD. :D
  19. 66replica

    CB360 Spartan

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