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  1. iatethepeach

    1971 cl100

    On the 100/125 bikes it goes like this: the carb mounts to the manifold (sandwiching the o-ring in-between), then there's a paper gasket, followed by a plastic insulator, then another paper gasket, then the head.
  2. iatethepeach

    Want: XL185/XR185/XL200/XR200 idler gear and bushing

    Thanks, Teazer. Yeah, David Silver has them new and they're only an hour away, but I figured somebody here might have one sitting at the bottom of a bucket of parts. I didn't consider the bush is probably a press fit. I do have a hydraulic press, though, if that's the case.
  3. iatethepeach

    1971 cl100

    Great tips. Because of the o-ring question, I still wonder if the insulator is on the correct side of the manifold and both gaskets are installed.
  4. iatethepeach

    Want: XL185/XR185/XL200/XR200 idler gear and bushing

    Up to '84, 28T. Thx!
  5. iatethepeach

    XR/XL Idler Gear Mystery

    Thanks, Teazer. Since that part was missing, I went through the rest of the transmission to verify it's all in order. Everything else looks great. It's weird. From the condition of the heads of the fasteners on the slinger, oil pump, etc., I would have bet money I was the first one inside the...
  6. iatethepeach

    1971 cl100

    Not quite, check out the parts fiche:
  7. iatethepeach

    XR/XL Idler Gear Mystery

    Hi everybody, I could use your help interpreting a transmission situation. Long story short, I recently scored an XL185 motor that was advertised as having minor kickstart issues (haha). When I opened it up, I was expecting the ratchet gear to be busted. To my surprise, it looked pretty good...
  8. iatethepeach

    1971 cl100

    Nice work! Check for cracks on the carb insulator. I wouldn't use gasket sealer. Just cut or buy new paper gaskets (one on each side of the insulator), and tighten each side evenly when you reinstall the carb. Also make sure the manifold surfaces aren't nicked. I think I read some people will...
  9. iatethepeach

    1971 cl100

    I'd like to see what you come up with for the side covers. Besides being different from those on the CB and SL bikes, the right side cover gets baked by the pipe a little. It's not easy to score a good used one.
  10. iatethepeach

    1971 cl100

    My guess is your carb needs a thorough cleaning, but yes, if the timing's off that could be part of the problem.
  11. iatethepeach

    1971 cl100

    Yep, that's your spark advancer. If it's sticky, try cleaning and lubing it.
  12. iatethepeach

    1971 cl100

    Wow, that was quite a score!
  13. iatethepeach

    Cl100 tuning problems?

    I think the FSM wiring diagrams are a bit confusing in this regard, and the coils are indeed grounded through their mounts. Check out the "Honda Motorcycle Electrical Systems" manual (a fun read and probably available online free with a little searching). It clearly shows the coil for battery...
  14. iatethepeach

    No wonder they went broke

    That's annoying. Can you at least peek through the back side of the case with a flashlight and mirror to inspect wear?
  15. iatethepeach

    Single rail trailer for behind the family car.

    I love this trailer.
  16. iatethepeach

    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    Installing a new head gasket, now that the weather is perfect and I'd rather be riding.
  17. iatethepeach

    What is wrong with the dealerships ???

    It seems like all the parts I order from my local Honda dealer come from Partzilla. I don't understand the arrangement, but the prices are pretty much the same and presumably the dealer gets a cut (and I don't have to pay for shipping), so I'm generally happy to buy from them. About a year or so...
  18. iatethepeach

    Cheap n Easy Wire Brush

  19. iatethepeach

    Gas cap seal while cleaning a tank

    Have you replaced the gasket on the fuel cap? If it's just a drip, I'd put a bucket under it to reclaim the evaporust and call it good.
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