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  1. SpottheDogg

    A guy looking for premium $$ for this CB400F tank/covers
  2. SpottheDogg

    CB400F in New Brunswick

    I emailed the seller but no reply, I am tempted but got my hands a bit full. No papers but says he can get them....
  3. SpottheDogg

    NEEDED male post part of CB360 seat clamp CT70

    Hey guys, I know a lot of you took the factory seat off or may have the spare. Discontinued part, bolts to the seat pan and engages the seat lock. I know Ct70 uses same part and likely others. Here is a pic of where it goes Here you see parts group 9
  4. SpottheDogg

    CB360 parts

    I just listed a bunch of parts on Ebay.
  5. SpottheDogg

    CB360 starter button & spring

    If anyone has removed their starter button and spring I need them. My button broke and now just pops out :(
  6. SpottheDogg

    Re: Scott's 1974 CB360 project- She is alive!!

    Hello all, I am only 3 days into ownership of this bike but I have it down to the frame already! I have chopped the tail off, battery box, center stand, side cover tabs and helmet holder have all seen the mini grinder. I have also smoothed some of the visible welds and I'm about to get started...
  7. SpottheDogg

    New Brunswick new guy

    Hello everybody, I have been checking this site out for a few days and wanted to introduce myself. I just bought a 1973 (but I think it's a '74 since it was made in 11/73??) CB360 with 18K original miles. It's a runner that is all original and never tampered with as far as I can tell, last on...
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