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  1. MarcW

    CB500/550/750 sohc Dynatek Dyna S Ignition

    I figured I’d put this up here before eBay. It was pulled from a good running 78 CB550K parts bike. I don’t have the instructions since I didn’t buy it new but I’m sure they’re available online. $75 shipped in the USA, international message me and we’ll figure it out. Thanks!! Sent from my...
  2. MarcW

    Can anyone ID this!?!?

    I got this Ducati Stator in a parts lot I picked up and I’m having a hell of a time figuring out what it’s from. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. MarcW

    A few Honda tanks, side covers, etc...

    Time to off some stuff to fund other stuff. This stuff is only listed here for now. NOS early CL175 Tank. Not perfect, I tried to show the damage in the pics. There's a couple small dents on the top near the scratches. Never had gas in it and the inside is mint. $250 +ship NOS early...
  4. MarcW

    SL350 chop

    Gonna try to buy as little as possible on this, and actually see it through! Right now the parts are a unknown frame that's been gathering dust, 71 sl350 engine, 79 cm400 fork set and front brake, 78 hawk wheel set and some custom shorty clip ons. Lmk what you think, I'll do my best to keep...
  5. MarcW

    Moving sale, engines

    I would prefer not to move these to my new shop space due to space constraints. I have 2 sohc cb750 engines, 1 cb750a engine, 2 cm400 engines, 1 vf750f engine, 1 sl350 engine (w/carbs), 1 kz750 twin engine, and a old Polaris 340 (w/ carbs and plates). There may be more engines, and a bunch of...
  6. MarcW

    Cb750f caliper

    Need a left side caliper and possibly a master for a cb750f front end. Either trade or lmk a price!! Thanks!!
  7. MarcW

    SOHC cb750 forks

    I need a set of stock length or 2" under sohc forks. All the ones I have have pitting and or rust on the uppers and wont slide through the tree on my harley (set up for cb750 forks). The cheaper the better, I have quite a bit of cb750/350 stuff for trade too Please lmk asap!!!
  8. MarcW

    27mm and 33mm clip ons

    My dude made a couple extra sets since the mill was already set. Same quality as always. 1 set of each $65 shipped each I'll get pics up later or tomorrow (as soon as they're in my posesion)
  9. MarcW

    Yamaha YCS1 headlight bucket

    Was gonna keep it but I won't need it anytime soon... Needs paint but it's solid. $25 shipped
  10. MarcW

    31mm clip ons

    Had these made for a guy and he flaked out, I have nothing to use them on right now. Custom made 31mm. My guy's made a few sets for others on the board and I'm sure they'll vouch for the quality. $60 shipped
  11. MarcW

    66 ironhead, update 9/17

    Picked it up yesterday, it will be happy again soon!!
  12. MarcW

    18" Front Invader, 10 Spoke

    Round 10 spoke, Chrome isn't perfect but should clean up ok. It'll be on ebay soon if there's no interest. $120 +ship obo
  13. MarcW

    cb750 and kz750 frames with papers

    73 and 75 cb 750 frames $125 each plus ship 76 kz750t frame $100 plus ship They're the 3 in the back...
  14. MarcW

    White JT Racing mask and a couple Helmets, pics added

    White JT mask, good shape, previous owner had it mounted to the outside of a helmet causing the small cracks in front of the top snaps, cracks do not go all the way through the plastic. I had this mounted to my purple helmet which has snaps mounted on snow flaps and there were no issues. $100...
  15. MarcW

    72 cb350 twin upper and lower case

    I don't have pics right now but they're in good shape. $15 each plus ship, $20 plus ship for the pair or pick up...
  16. MarcW

    cb750 16" drop center wheel

    $100 shipped, wheel is in great shape.
  17. MarcW

    Nice sohc cb750 4-1 sold

    As title states, will clean up great. It's dirty in the pic. $150 shipped
  18. MarcW

    33mm and 34mm clip ons

    I have a set of each. Machined for a tight fit, mitered and tiged at joints. 33's were built using a set of old Honda bars so they have the factory holes for internal wiring, although a hole would need to be made to run the wiring out of the bar. 34's are standard bars. Made in the USA. $60...
  19. MarcW

    cb750 chop/parts First part of the basement lot...
  20. MarcW

    cb750 basement parts lot

    Spent 4 hours cleaning all this out of a basement!! Fortunately the guy I got it from helped!! A ton of stuff and 2 titled frames, I still have to sort through it all!!! Going to bed now, I'm beat! Hahahaah
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