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  1. CafeRacer650

    1974 Harley Davidson (Aermacchi) Sprint 350SS - 'Barn Find'

    Hello all! It's been a really long time since I've been active on DTT and it's a shame, but I've just had too many projects that have kept we away from my KZ project. Anyway, I'm back and with a new acquisition. A fellow DTT member and good friend recently contacted me about a couple vintage...
  2. CafeRacer650

    Troy and Willow are famous!

    Congrats to Troy on the Iron and Air highlight of his beautiful bike, it's well deserved!!!
  3. CafeRacer650

    Iron and Air shout out...

    I'm not sure why, but Iron and Air sent me this in the mail today. I didn't order it, but I'm certainly happy to have it! ;D Thanks a lot!! Good group of peeps!
  4. CafeRacer650

    1978 KZ650 Cafe Racer "Jellybean"

    Alright all, after 130+ posts without a build thread, I'm overdue. So here it is... The bike: 1978 KZ650C (code named "Jellybean" - thanks to my wife) Taken shortly after I restored it in '07. History: 1999-present I was a Senior in high school and my best friend of many years went out...
  5. CafeRacer650

    Head work needed in North georgia!

    Hey all, I need my valve guides replaced which means I need to find a good head guy. I'm in north Georgia. I'm willing to drive pretty far for good work. Does anyone know a good head guy in the area?? Thanks!!
  6. CafeRacer650

    First workbench build! DONE!

    Moved into the new house last year and the first thing to add was the workbench! 25 studs, 3 boxes of screws, 4 sheets of MDF, and a little blood later... Preparing the corner of the garage... Framing in... Lower framing in... Grinder stand up... Bench tops on and upper storage...
  7. CafeRacer650

    Barber Vintage Festival 2012

    This is just a heads up that tickets for the Barber Vintage Festival in October of this year just went on sale...
  8. CafeRacer650

    Beautiful Walnecks find...

    Hey all, I found this beautiful bike on Walnecks and had to share it!
  9. CafeRacer650

    Ridin'/Wrenchin' tunes!

    A buddy of mine introduced me to some new music that I can't stop listening to. It's perfect for a long ride on the twisties, or a couple hours in the garage. Enjoy! ;D For you metal lovers, don't be fooled by the first minute of music... keep...
  10. CafeRacer650

    Discredits to our kind (aka, morons)...

    I was on my way to work this morning when I witnessed something the frustrates me every time I see it... some bozo blowing a red light on a motorcycle wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts. It's guys like that that give motorists a bad impression of us motorcyclists. I'm glad there aren't...
  11. CafeRacer650

    Great Classic Bike Pics!!!!!!

    Here's a link my buddy sent me... these bikes will blow your mind! ENJOY!! ;D
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