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  1. ronnie

    Traveling Europe in a Ural

    Hey friends, Not sure if you have seen this or not, but this couple sold their sailboat to travel Europe in a Ural with a sidecar. I followed them during their sailing adventures and since this steps into my other realm of life, I wanted to share with you folks. Check them out...
  2. ronnie

    Liquidation Sale!!!

    Hey friends, I'm getting rid of some moto gear that I have had for a while and won't be using. I would hate for this stuff to rot or get tossed so I am getting rid of it all. I'm not looking to get rich off this stuff so if you have a offer, let me have it and maybe we can work it out. All...
  3. ronnie

    Southern One Way Shipping + a question

    Alright, you guys should know me by now that I like to have multi-purpose posts so here it goes. I took a road trip from LA to Mass in mid October, I then flew back down to LA to go to work offshore. I pulled 6 weeks, went home for 2, and now I'm back on for 4 weeks. My truck has been in Cape...
  4. ronnie

    RZ350, where are they?

    If I wanted to buy a RZ, where would I look besides the over priced eBay? The engineer on my boat sorta sparked my interest on these bikes(also, the RZ 500 and the RG500) and I think it want the 350 for my first smoker.. I saw one in Dallas for sale on Craigslist but haven't heard a reply. What...
  5. ronnie

    CB750 Tracy body for sale -sent from sea via corked bottle
  6. ronnie

    Two questions, one thread

    I am curious to know if anyone has bought gloves from Able Brown. I know they are a fairly new advertiser for DTT, but has anyone bought a set from them? They look nice for the price.. Second, where can I find a decent steering damper? I don't need some overkill, and might not even need one...
  7. ronnie

    This seller is out of their mind...

    Don't believe me, just look at the price tag... RE-Diculous.
  8. ronnie

    Honda curiosity Sent from my HTC6500LVW using Tapatalk
  9. ronnie

    Funny Craigslist Ads

    Would any of you buy this bike from this guy?
  10. ronnie

    Brake and clutch levers inquiry

    I'm about to be in the market for some new levers and such. In the honest opinion, what is the thoughts on the off brand MC that are sold on eBay versus something like a new nissin MC? It's a lot of money for the Nissin units but I'm sure worth it. Is there not an in between those and the cheap...
  11. ronnie

    73 CB360 for Sale in LA
  12. ronnie

    Odd pricing? Not sure..

    Does anyone have any idea why a 120/90-18 tire is almost $20 more than a 120/80-18 Avon RR tire? I mean I would think the 80 would be more since the 90 probably sells more...? It's pretty much the same on Motorcycle superstore and American Moto Tire.. I didn't check anywhere else, but its odd...
  13. ronnie

    Motorcycle Tire information, Right Here.

    Found this while looking up information on tire heights and the differences in them. Good place for other to look at before buying and explains some of the things a lot of new guys (and uninformed "seasoned" riders) ask about regularly on here. Hope everyone gives this a read over, it does go...
  14. ronnie

    Clear Powder Coating polished AL hubs/rims

    I finished polishing my front and rear hubs to a shine, and have polished my front rim to match(for the most part) the new Excel rim I bought. I don't want to worry about the re-polishing of all this aluminum down the road. I have an oven and a HF powder gun. I bought some acrylic clear powder...
  15. ronnie

    Electric Bike bests Gas?
  16. ronnie

    Honda CB400F head

    My head is toast for the most part, need another one. I figured I would check with you parts horders on here first before grabing one off eBay. Anyone have a head off a 1975(though I guess the other two years will be fine too) head WITH valve guides still in it? This set back has literally...
  17. ronnie

    Continental Conti Ultra TKV12... anyone dabbled with these?

    I'm looking to replace my tires on my stock CB350f, the tires that are on it are replica type tires so they are not the best performance wise. They feel like they are going to roll off the rim when you make corners and I don't really like that feeling, so I'm looking at getting some newer tech...
  18. ronnie

    Tire set inquiry and poll

    I know this is been beaten down before but I'd like some input on what some of you guys think of these tire sets.. First hand experience is better from guys I "know" rather than basic comments on the reviews. I'm going to be buying my tires this time while on the ship. I'm currently looking into...
  19. ronnie

    Changing rear wheel bearings - 350f

    I'm trying to change my wheel bearings on my bike and I can't get the bearing keeper unscrewed. It was pinged 4 times from the factory to keep it from unscrewing. Well it worked. But now I'm using a spanner Wrench and it won't budge. I used heat and it didn't do much. Any tips or tricks? Sent...
  20. ronnie

    Predator Helmets (3 laser aimer optional!)

    Saw this while surfing the net.. Pretty cool, don't think I'd buy one...But I would definitely rock one if someone gave me one!
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