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  1. Rattlecan


    Hey Boys, Not sure if any of you need help with winter storage. This is something I do through my shop and have lots of space still available. $299 from now till April 30, 2012. Storage consists of the following: properly winterize your bike. Fuel stabilizer Drain Carbs, Remove the...
  2. Rattlecan

    Great Sale at Studio Cycle

    Hey Boys, I dont usually paost stuff like this but I figured I'd let you guys know anyways. We are having a great sale this weekend on gear at my shop Studio Cycle. 25% off helmets, ARAI, HJC, BELL, ZEUS, and more, plus great deals on clothing and bikes as well...
  3. Rattlecan

    Anodizing --- Anyone have any experience doing it???

    Hey Boys, I'm gettin ready to re-assemble my motor and instead of painting my cylinders I was thinkin about andodizing them. Simple reason being that i've got a 2-stroker and they rely heavily on the cooling fins to keep the temps in check, and just figured that to get a really nice finish...
  4. Rattlecan

    Bought in Bushels

    Hey Boys, Just signed up, but I've been following a bunch of your builds for a while now, and in the mean time building my bike. Alot of my build has been posted on the Kawi Triples Canada board, but I figure most of you are a bit younger and can appreciate where in going with this. Life...
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