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  1. BriMed1983

    plates not visable

    Ride home after work, sitting in traffic when a very angry unmarked cop pulls up next to me and yells at me to move over! I did so polity, completely stumped as to why I'm getting pulled over traffic wasnt moving. The usual license and registration. I asked if there was a problem and his words...
  2. BriMed1983

    CB360 Motor

    looking for a 74 cb360 motor, or at the very least a decent top end including cam perferably in the GTA area, but i'm willing to drive for the right parts at the right price. let me know what you have Brian or PM me
  3. BriMed1983

    Shorai Phantom Black Battery

    Hate to beat a dead horse but I couldn’t find a answer in pervious small battery threads. I need to upgrade my battery and have narrowed it down to two. Not sure which to go with Shorai APP09A2-BS12 Phantom Black Small 12V 9Ah Case Type-2$115 Or Shorai APP14A1-BS12 Phantom...
  4. BriMed1983

    Cb360 motor help!!!

    Drove her to work and she ran very well. Broke down on my way home. Upon closer inspection I have a oil leak a loose/ striped bolt and to top it all off it seems I lost the nut and screw on the intake valve tappet.... How bad is this????? The nut has probably been bouncing around in the...
  5. BriMed1983

    Starting woes after oil change

    ok ill keep it short and to the point. got my 74'cb360 fired up for the first time since i got her. Ran like shit but it still ran. Im running stock airfilters and exhaust, new coils, wires, plugs, starter solenoid oil change and tune up to follow after oil change and tryed to fire her up...
  6. BriMed1983


    Hi Everyone, It’s Movember, the month formerly known as November, which is dedicated to growing moustaches and raising awareness for men’s health. I have joined the movement and will be donating my upper lip to the cause for 30 days all in the name of raising vital awareness and funds prostate...
  7. BriMed1983

    NEW MEMBER - 74' cb360!

    HELLO ALL DTT MEMBERS, First off, AWSOME site! Finally bought a bike back in May. Wife didn't talk to me for a week (WIN WIN) The second I rolled my 74 cb360 into the garage, out came the grinder and i got right to it! Looking forward to reading about all the DTT tip's and...
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