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  1. BleedingOxide

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  2. BleedingOxide

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    Heya, cheers for replies. Im looking for practical advice on how to attach it. its currently resting on the wheel, so you can see desired placement and bolt holes. (ill check new adr stuff cheers) currently thinking, bracket welded to inside of hoop or something that loops over the hoop as...
  3. BleedingOxide

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    Gotta attach a rear fender (ADR) Ive got some ideas, looking for input
  4. BleedingOxide

    DCC 1.9" instrument shell (or broken instrument)

    Hi, Does anyone have a Dime City Cycle 1.9" Speedo or Tacho that has died and is now wasting space? I'm interested in the shell. Cheers, Rob.
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