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  1. BriMed1983

    My freebie 1973 CB450 Brat / Cafe / Whatever you call it

    well done, looks awesome.
  2. BriMed1983

    CB 360 Seat Pan & Fairing (Work in Progress)

    looks good, I can dig it.
  3. BriMed1983

    plates not visable

    Thanks for all the input guys. I didn't go nuts as in completly revamping my tail section. But I did paint my fender black for more contrast. Flatned my plate back to normal and added a longer bolt with a spacer behind the plate so it doesn't lay as flat. I'm sure it's probably still not 100...
  4. BriMed1983

    plates not visable

    Ride home after work, sitting in traffic when a very angry unmarked cop pulls up next to me and yells at me to move over! I did so polity, completely stumped as to why I'm getting pulled over traffic wasnt moving. The usual license and registration. I asked if there was a problem and his words...
  5. BriMed1983

    Gasolina Jackets, now with armor

    Sounds good, i have been lookimg for a decent leather with armour. I love some of the roland sands jackets but for $700 it's a tough bullet to bite any pics of these jackets/ pricing?
  6. BriMed1983


    Looks like a great idea, love that LED bulb. Not to sure where you could just buy just the glass. Two years ago I bought a nice headlight unit with the 65 watt H4 bulb from dime city cycles for a reasonable price and added a on off switch to the side of it. that LED H4 looks like it would fit in...
  7. BriMed1983

    Greetings! New dude from Michigan with a dirty CB350

    Looks like a fun little bike to boot around on.
  8. BriMed1983

    XS360 Brat/Cafe First Build

    Nice looking brat, clean and simple. Really cool man good work
  9. BriMed1983

    1988 Harley-Davidson Sportster

    Looks great!
  10. BriMed1983

    1979 Goldwing Muscle bike

    I'm amazed at your talent my friend. I can't believe that is based off a gold wing. Good job.
  11. BriMed1983

    Battery ground, what size wire?

    I'll second the 4 gauge. That what I used for mine runs with no issues
  12. BriMed1983

    Hip, or Hipster...You Decide...

    I dont see anything hipster about it. This is our reality here in the great white north. Kinda think the video is pretty awesome. Post more!
  13. BriMed1983

    Wanted:Cb360 Carbs

    Hey I have a good set that I use for my stock set up that I'm willing to part with PM me for pics and pricing
  14. BriMed1983

    Vintage bike insurance with Desjardins

    Update, policy is up for renewal with JR duff/Intact insurance. Decided to call Desjardins and they quoted me almost half of what I was paying. $412/year for my 74 cb360. New policy is in the mail. thanks Dr-J
  15. BriMed1983

    Tires for Honda CB 550 - Firestone alternative?

    Hey, I don't have any recomedations on a firestone alternative. But whatever you buy, you may want to look into what caused that crack on your tire. Looks to me like it bottomed out and caught something sharp under your fender. I would hate to see the same thing happen to a new set.
  16. BriMed1983

    Street ripping, pavement shredding now a KZ650 mono-shock superbike

    She is really coming together, looks to be a really fun bike. Cant wait to see it all together
  17. BriMed1983

    Buying a CB360t (is this worth it?)

    $2000 for a decent runner that is pretty much done and clean looking? I'd buy it. It depends on what you comfortable with and plan on doing. I wanted an old bike to tinker with and make my own. At the same time 2000 is a decent down payment on a new bike that needs nothing I bought mine as a...
  18. BriMed1983

    First bike VTR 250 (PICS)

    Good advice, just clean it up get it safe and running.
  19. BriMed1983

    Sl100 steampunk build

    This is some fantastic detail work. Loving the use of the vacuum tubes with the LEDs inside. Signed up cant wait for the finished product! Brian
  20. BriMed1983

    Salaam n Namaste from India

    I can see its potential, looking good. Welcome
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