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  1. surffly

    Odd running problem. GSXR1100 Bimota SB6R

    So some background. Bike is a Bimota SB6R that hasn't run in years. Was stored in a living room. New plugs New oil New fuel filter New air filter Cleaned the carbs and replaced all the seals. There were stored dry, so nothing crazy to clean. Slides move freely. Bike starts right up. Idles...
  2. surffly

    Random CB750 parts

    I am still randomly coming across bins of CB750 parts. All from the SOHC era. But figured I would list the rest and see if anyone here was interested. So far, Have two CB750 K front brake rotors $40/ea CB750F kick stater (Have two). This is the one to get for your K bike with rear sets...
  3. surffly

    CB750 front rotor (have two)

    I have a pair of front K rotors. Good used parts. $40/ea shipped in the USA.
  4. surffly

    GL1000 forks

    Local pick up in Albany NY. $50 Nice shape. Have triple No brakes.
  5. surffly


    Selling my CR Project. Clear title Loads of new parts. -Lester wheels -tires -fully rebuilt and upgraded brakes -new suspension -cR tank and seat. Never even had fuel in it. -all powder coated -vapor dash -lots of billet add ons -4-1 Yoshi SS pipe More I’m forgetting. Located just outside...
  6. surffly

    Koni shocks.

    Eye/eye Special D with the "dial a ride" option. Not alloy. About 14.5 center to center. $250 Open to offers.
  7. surffly

    CB750 oil coolers

    Have a few cooler plates. No actual coolers, but those are the cheap/easy part. $50 each
  8. surffly

    Clip ons

    35mm and a 37mm set up. Never ridden, but used for mock up. Tomeselli Nice set ups. $150 each
  9. surffly

    Surffly's Garage Sale of Rare and Interesting Junk

    That is it, I'm done. Time to liquidate everything. Started listing via eBay. Will do A LOT better for a forum member if they reach out to me here. If you have seen...
  10. surffly

    Guzzi, Seeley and a Yetman

    That's it, I'm done. everything must go. 1970 guzzi ambassador. "this" close to the road. laundry list of new parts and fresh systems. silly money has been spent. my loss is your gain. Seeley CB750 stock engine, last run two years ago. gl1000 front end with new seals and rebuilt calipers. have...
  11. surffly

    Anyone in Quebec that could help out? I kinda want that drag bike. Anyone want the Yamaha? Could use help getting across the border.
  12. surffly

    Honda Parts

    CB550/CB500 4-1 Exhaust (Think it is a MAC) *$150 CB750 front masters Have 4 or 5. All in standard used shape and in need of rebuilding. Asking $30/ea but down to make a nice package deal for someone. 75-76 CB750F rear caliper. Was bead blasted. Incomplete. $50 CB750F rear master $50...
  13. surffly

    Honda CB550/Cb500 4-1 Exhuast

    Unsure of the brand, I assume MAC. I do not think it was ever really mounted or used (run) Some surface rust and you can see the left over residue from some duct tape. Been kicking around the shop for a while now, so not mint. BUT not junk either. Should work well for someone. LOCAL PICK UP in...
  14. surffly

    RC Engineering GoldenRods Honda CB750 SOHC

    Used $450 obo
  15. surffly

    Harley Smoothbore Mikuni carbs

    Dual 29mm Smoothbore Mikuni performance carbs. Cleaned New gaskets and seals Should fit IronHead and ShovelHead bikes. SUDCO manifold. Nice shape. Fairly rare. VERY interesting. Asking $375 but open to offers.
  16. surffly

    ARD Magneto

    Nice fat/hot spark. Newer belt. Complete. Nice shape. This is the much more rare "shorter" arm. Currently set up for a CB550/500, but can work on a CB750 too. $1k open to offers.
  17. surffly

    Twin Piston Caliper Upgrade For CB750

    Here is a write up to the swap.,89771.0.html I have a set of calipers and brackets. Standard used/take offs. Really is a nice upgrade to these bikes. Asking $75
  18. surffly


    Currently on the road in my name. Clear title. VERY original bike. Used regularly. No stories or BS. About 12k miles. Asking $3250
  19. surffly


    Marzocchi Nice shape. 13.25-13.5 inches (DOHC length) Nice upgrade. $250 Mulholland 12.5 inches (SOHC Length) $125 Koni Alloy body "Special D's" Dial-A-Ride adjustment Nice upgrade 13.25-13.5 Inches (DOHC Length) $250
  20. surffly

    Moto Guzzi

    Should be a fun, and hopefully simple project. Got rid of my Norton. Bike was a tone of fun and I very much enjoyed it. But it became redundant in my garage. While I did ride it to work often, it really was a more "point A to point A bike". I would rather use the Seeley CB750 like that (and I...
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