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  1. wfo speedracer

    1963 Suzuki Colleda Black Betty cafe-ish build

    Not really sure what category this fits into so for now I am going to say cafe racer build, I call he Black Bettyy because shes a dirty girl ! I am making the following disclosure. If you are a Suzuki purist please leave this thread now, I am doing you a favor as nothing but despair and...
  2. wfo speedracer

    Yamaha rear brake drum sizes

    I have run into a snag on the virago, when I got the bike it had the wrong rear wheel on it, someone had put a chain drive wheel on it to make it a roller. I found a wheel on Ebay with the correct splines but the brake drum that fit the first wheel was too small. So I then ordered a brake drum...
  3. wfo speedracer

    GL500 for sale, not mine

    I have seen this listed here for a while now, it started out at $300.00 then it went to $400.00 then back down to $300.00 and now it looks like he is taking offers, I don't need another project at the moment,,maybe someone here does.
  4. wfo speedracer

    cx500 engine

    Not mine just something I saw that someone here can probably use and the price is right.
  5. wfo speedracer

    WTB yamaha TRI - XV920RH right footpeg bracket

    Like the title says, I have the left one, looking for a right footpeg bracket as seen in photo below, I will take a rear brake pedal too if you have it.
  6. wfo speedracer

    Venduro DT360 build

    So after 6 months of searching on Craigslist I run across this ad for a Virago, I call the guy up , no answer, I figure it is already gone, a few days later I decide to call again, he left his name in the ad so I left a message, called his name and left my name and number. A few hours later he...
  7. wfo speedracer

    Rebuilding Yamaha starter solenoids

    So I posted this over on then I got to thinking most all Yamaha starter solenoids are similar. So if the shoe fits wear it, if not throw it on back in the closet. First things first touch the brown wire to battery positive and the black wire to battery positive if it does not click...
  8. wfo speedracer

    Kings Tire 120/90/18

    Okay I have a brand new 120/90/18 kings tire street tire I bought for a 500 Ascot vee twin I used to have, I now no longer have the Ascot and I need a smaller tire for my current build something in the 100/90/15 - 90/90/18 not that particular about the brand name.
  9. wfo speedracer

    Sorry just found this section

    Hi I have already posted a build in the tracker section and just now found this section so I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Terry, I have a background in motorcycle-ATV-PWC repair and have owned my own PWC-ATV repair center since 1999. I also have a fairly decent background in...
  10. wfo speedracer

    Tl125 street tracker

    I would like to say I just started this project , I would like to say that but I hate to lie. This thing was started maybe 20 years ago, a lot happened during that time, I changed jobs about five times , moved , opened my own small business repairing Jet skis and this thing got stuck in a corner...
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