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  1. gerrits

    CL350 Mufflers

    Here's what I have off my '71 CL350. As you can see the one is rusted out. I'm pretty sure the other is in pretty good condition. Let me know if you're interested and I can dig them out and get some more pictures.
  2. gerrits

    WTB k1 cb350 seat

    Here's the seat off my '71 CL350 if you're still looking.
  3. gerrits

    WTB 1971 cb350 Parts

    Here's the seat off my '71 CL350 if you're still looking.
  4. gerrits

    Early CB350 Seat

    I have a seat off a '71 CL350, its rear hinge style. The leather has a hole in the middle though, not sure if you're interested or still looking. If so let me know and I can send you a picture. Gus
  5. gerrits

    Rust holes in frame. Serious?

    Excellent, thanks for the help guys! I will drill some test holes and see how extensive the damage is. For the patch piece I'm thinking tubing with an ID equal to the OD of the frame tubing would work. What are your thoughts? Might be a pain if I have to make a bend. And if I have to buy a...
  6. gerrits

    Rust holes in frame. Serious?

    So I have my '71 CL 350 completely torn apart. Cleaning the frame with a scour pad on the grinder and I uncovered some rust holes in the bottom of the frame. The rest of the frame seems to be solid, just some surface rust. I'm wondering how to tell how serious this is. Is it affecting the...
  7. gerrits

    Cut hole in tank to remove dents?!

    Kamn - I thought about the blood pressure cuff thing, but again it's in that far corner and might be a real pain to position. And as far as I know those are the factory welds. Cosworth - Heatshrink? Is that the method I've seen with people heating the dent up then cooling it rapidly with...
  8. gerrits

    Cut hole in tank to remove dents?!

    Ok thanks, that's an option. I'm just concerned with how smooth I will be able to get it with pulling from the outside. Since its going to be bare metal it will show dents easily. My thought on cutting a hole was that I'd be able to get inside with something with a rounded head and really...
  9. gerrits

    Cut hole in tank to remove dents?!

    So I have a '71 CB 350 tank with a cluster of dents (pictures below). I've tried doing some dent pulling with the suction cups and hot glue method. That didn't do much, if anything. The dents are in the furthest corner from the opening in the tank so I can't get something in there to push it...
  10. gerrits

    71 cb350 part out

    Tank available? Pictures of it? Thanks.
  11. gerrits


    In Olympia. Hope to get my '71 CL350 cafe project rideable soon!
  12. gerrits

    69 Cl parts

    I've got fork cover/ears and side covers from my 71 CL350. I believe these are the same, I can send some pics if you want.
  13. gerrits

    CB 350 Kickstart Lever

    I found one that rotates out at the base (where attached to spline), it gave me more clearance but I'm still not clearing it. Like this...
  14. gerrits

    Moped-sidecar badass

    Hah I hadn't even noticed that, guess it was trash day.
  15. gerrits

    Moped-sidecar badass

    I've seen this guy riding around town for a while, finally got some pictures. I think the sidecar is just to hold his cooler of Mickeys big mouths and back up flip-flops. Note the mini hanger bars.
  16. gerrits

    Fuel Tank Crossover Tube Dry Break Fittings

    Dammit where were you two weeks ago?! Got a set from MotionPro for a bit more than yours... :'(
  17. gerrits

    WTB: 71' CL350 tapered fork boots

    little late on this...and a bit confused. I have some stock fork boots off my '71 CL 350. Is that what you're looking for, or is that what you are having rubbing issues with now?
  18. gerrits

    cl350 battery tray.

    Did you get any replies from this? I was going to make my own but if someone out there is making some I'd be interested.
  19. gerrits

    '71 CL350 Tank

  20. gerrits

    '71 CL350 Tank

    What's the good word, still interested?
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