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  1. blue44067

    For Better or For Worse, she's back

    I can't believe it.... I went to the reggae festival last summer and got so hammered I lost most of my clothes and my buddies took off (prolly due to my "shirtless-pantsless dancing") Somehow I ended up at Republic night club, got my 10 mm wrench confiscated at the door by the bouncer. Really...
  2. blue44067

    My Dart

    my 67 Dart, I put a 440 in it. I've owned it for about 10 years now, still workin on it lol
  3. blue44067

    hello, my chop almost does the ton, 90 percent of it

    i wanna tear this one down and give it some style, like OCC does....why don't they ever do Honda's?
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