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  1. sav0r

    Best way to bend this seat pan

    A belt sander can be surprisingly good on seat foam, so I bet that flapper wheel will work great too.
  2. sav0r

    Not sure if I mentioned it or not but CRM's RRI show is a go!

    Well jeez, this is like 10 miles from my house in Observatory Hill. Nick, one of the writers for CafeRacer is my neighbor. I guess I'll have to make the trip out there for this.
  3. sav0r

    1974 Yamaha RD200

    Looks great, I wish my wife's RD125 was as nice.
  4. sav0r

    Is changing valve springs and guides necessary?

    It's not mileage at all!
  5. sav0r

    Starting to hate powdercoat

    I find that since I can generally powder coat something very nicely in a single run that it's a lot less time intensive than painting. I prefer it for that.
  6. sav0r

    1/2 Scale Cycle Kar(t)

    Yes, I think you go it. Something like this, but instead of a spherical bearing at the bottom just use two heim joints. I assume they are using the swaged bearing on the lower in this photo, but it's probably way overkill.
  7. sav0r

    1/2 Scale Cycle Kar(t)

    Replace those steering yokes with a plate, then put a heim joint above and below your karting spindle. You can either run two bolts in single shear or one long bolt with a spacer between the spindle. That will let you get the camber in check down to half a turn on each heim. I'd imagine that...
  8. sav0r

    GSX-R front end swap on REVERSE comstar wheel

    Bikes don’t generate that much braking force so they don’t generate that much braking heat. What heat they do make they rely on transferring to the hub and wheel, where it is then dissipated. Cars have way less braking cooling due to their shrouded rotors, they are generally much high mass...
  9. sav0r

    Newbie - thoughts and ideas

    That budget will get you something decent and modern. If you don’t have a shop you don’t want a clunker you have to work on like us masochists that hang out here. Maybe something like a T100 would work?
  10. sav0r

    Does anyone have a favorite carb set or manufacturer?

    I've always been quite fond of Ibea carbs. That in no way helps this thread but they look great so I thought I'd share. I ran these on my RD for a summer, they were fast as hell but that's the only thing they did well. They were awful on mileage and liked to load up at stop lights. I've gone...
  11. sav0r

    Best "free" Photoshop style tool for custom designing?

    If you know how to sail the seven seas you can just find a version of PS. Adobe is rather predatory, IMO, and that's why more sailors use PS than any other software in history.
  12. sav0r

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    You can do what i do, I put the hardware in a tub and then only dig through it when totally desperate. It’s worked out well for me. My dad sorts his hardware into metric and imperial, then separate those into small sizes and larges size. He also splits out bolts and nuts. Making eight distinct...
  13. sav0r

    2x stroke street tracker - project coming together slowly.

    Did the RamAir system really work? Seems like a marketing gimmick to me as literally every other air cooled (non fan) motor cools well without a sheet metal shroud. That head has fins for days, its hard to imagine it not working great.
  14. sav0r

    Creating CAD files for free

    Machining in a meaningful way isn't as easy as many might think, but with determination it's possible for just about anybody to learn. We are a long way off from sending a model to a machine and pushing go. Well, 3D printers more or less do that, but the vast majority of 3D printed stuff ins't...
  15. sav0r

    Creating CAD files for free

    CAD is not intuitive at first, just learning things like constraints can be very frustrating, never mind creating useful models and then drawings. Depending on file type, dimensions might not be included at all. You have to calibrate the model using a known dimension. I could model your part in...
  16. sav0r

    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    The wife's RD125. It's getting there. I need to machine the crank tools and then start the motor rebuild.
  17. sav0r

    GSX-R front end swap on REVERSE comstar wheel

    On various racing cars I've had there's been as little clearance as like 3mm between various parts and the wheel ID. The main downside is that when you get a piece of gravel or another foreign object stuck between whatever the part is and the wheel it tends to machine your wheel in half and...
  18. sav0r

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Those Ooni ovens look nice. I was checking them out just the other day. My father has an earth oven that is wood fired. Makes awesome pizzas but takes quite the effort to get it rolling. I was liking the idea of the gas Ooni. Also, Redbird. MX5's makes great track day cars. Lots of parts out...
  19. sav0r

    Mak's step-by-step guide to building an un-original, but still fun, cafe bike

    You should just run the calculations on what you need for a spring. You just need to know your motion ratio which is easily measured.
  20. sav0r

    For Mother's Day - post a picture of your mom and your bike

    My wife's 125, now totally apart. But it is headed back together. New seat cover. Mother's day is going to require other gifts this year...
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