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    Idiot Lights Flushmount in Handlebar

    Has anybody flushmounted LED idiot lights in the handlebars? Something like this (terribly crude) sketch? If you have, what problems did you run into and where did your source your LEDs? Thanks!
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    Ebay CL/CB350 seat

    Has anybody used the brat seats from Ebay (china)? I was going to make a seat, but I like the look of these and they seem like a mostly plug and play solution. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    WTB: CEV Headlight or other vintage italian headlight with speedo

    Looking for an Italian headlight with a speedo for my CL350 resto-mod. Thanks all.
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    1972 CL350 -- Mattel Bratz (how much can I mess up this bike?)

    Hey everyone! I've been lurking on the forum for a while now, checking out all the awesome projects and advice as I built up the stones to start my own project. Well, the time has finally come. I just bought a 1972 CL350 in pretty good condition. It kicks right over, only 3200 miles, but...
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