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  1. CafeMack

    Survivor 73 Yamaha RD350 8K miles

    So I scored this sweet 1973 Yamaha RD350 for free, it's fully stock, only thing it needs is an ignition switch, headlight, oil cap and a couple turn signals to be complete best I can tell so far. Took off the heads, pistons and cylinders are pristine, brake lines still have fluid in them but...
  2. CafeMack

    First bike EVER!

    I've not officially bought it yet but by the time you read this I probably will have purchased this bike as my first ever. I really wanted to go with a vintage SOHC Honda but after thinking about it and coming across the deal for this bike I thought it would be better to get something more...
  3. CafeMack

    I'm just saying, this is an awesome looking bike!

    I especially love the seat pan. Any thoughts guys?
  4. CafeMack

    CB650 vs SOHC CB750

    Many questions: What are the differences? I've read that the 650 is touted as having the performance of the 750 with the lightness of a 550. What about stock power rating? Top speeds? Real world performance? Tunability? Aftermarket part availability? I originally was set on getting the SOHC...
  5. CafeMack

    KY Cafe for the ton

    Hey all, never owned a bike before, used to have an old Honda XR50 when I was a kid but that hardly counts, does it? Don't know too much about 'em usually more of a car guy, and rotary engines at that, but I sold my RX-7 and now wanna try out something with two wheels instead of four. I've been...
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