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  1. jeffw

    Aftermarket Analog Gauges with electronic pickups

    I have an 1982 KZ1100-A2 that has gauges that have electronic pickups so I am looking for aftermarket gauges that use electronic pickups but are analog gauges. Let me know if you know anything as I would prefer to not got to a digital gauge.
  2. jeffw

    1982 Kawasaki KZ1100 Cafe/Brat Project

    Picked up this bike last week non running on the cheap. After digging into the top end I discovered valve clearances were non-existent so hopefully that fixes the issue. I plan to run a leak down test this weekend to determine if there are any other issues before disassemble the bike. Plan to...
  3. jeffw

    New Hand Control Wiring

    I am on the home stretch and wiring in my new hand controls and I am just trying to figure out a few things on a kz650. So my left hand control has basically the same setup as the old one in a smaller package. It has light switch(headlight, park, and off), run switch(on/off) & a starter button...
  4. jeffw

    kz750 twin carbs

    Not mine but have noticed a few 750 twins on here
  5. jeffw

    Multiple Wire Splice

    I am currently redoing the wiring on my 1977 kz650 and have started digging into the existing one to get a better idea of how it was originally done. My question is I am finding multiple wires spliced together. For example the turn signal is spliced for the signal, switch, and dash indicator...
  6. jeffw

    5/16" Inline Fuel Filter

    Anybody has a good resource for a 5/16" inlet fuel filter & clear fuel lines. I am having a hard time finding any all of them seem to be 1/4".
  7. jeffw

    1973-79 Kawasaki Front Brake Setup

    I am looking for a front brake caliper & rotor preferably in working condition with cables included
  8. jeffw

    1977 KZ650 B1 Cafe Racer

    This is a sort of introduction and my build of bike I bought this last spring. Winter is in full force and that means its time to do a full strip and rebuild of my bike. I did some cosmetic work and upgraded some parts as the year went, nothing that kept me down more than a day or two. I will...
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