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    I need to make my '78 CB550 legal - chain guard, horn

    Hey there, I need a few odds and ends to make my CB550 legal for my road test. Does anyone have a chain guard and a horn kicking around for sale or to borrow? I'm between Owen Sound and Guelph, Ontario. I haven't been on the board for a while...but I'm sure there are folks on here to...
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    '78 CB550k Motion Pro throttle cables - WTF/sanity check

    I ordered a set of push/pull cables for my 1978 Honda CB550k from a reputable shop that caters to the vintage UJM world. The part numbers are 02-0007 for the pull and 02-0008 for the push. When trying to install the pull, the inner cable appears to be at least 3cm too short. I can easily slip...
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    NEED: Dyna S DS1-2 (4 cyl Honda)

    I'm in need of a Dyna S ignition for my CB550. If anyone has one sitting unused, please msg me.
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    Boot Split

    I grabbed a new pair of Chippewa engineer boots (model 27899). They're steel toe and marketed as bike boots. I've been riding with them for a week now but the left toe is started to split. When I shift gears, the shifter makes contact with my foots just below the steel toe. The downward...
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    Vintage Leather Jacket D-pocket Champ - Price drop

    I'm selling off one of my leather jackets. This is a vintage Harley Champ-style jacket. It has had a liner replacement and whoever did it didn't preserve the inside tag - so I have no idea who made it. It has a beefy Talon zipper on the front. All zippers work. The D-pocket zipper zips...
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    Steel Toe or not to Steel Toe?

    I'm shopping around for a new pair of riding boots. I've been leaning towards a pair of Chippewa or Red Wing engineer boots. There are some pairs for a good price on the ol' eBay...but they're steel toe. I've never had steel toe boots for riding and I'm not too sure if I would want to. I...
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    Buco re-issue by the Real McCoy's

    The Real McCoy's have done a pretty amazing job at reproducing a classic Buco....although the price tag puts it far out of reach of the average shit muncher (aka me.).
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    Just one bolt

    Hey there. A bolt on my fork brace shook out. I'm having a tough time finding a replacement and was wondering if anyone has a bolt bucket that might have some gold in it for me. Here's a pic 2cm long including the allen button head or 16mm long not including the button head 6mm
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    CB550 Dunstall 4-into-2 Exhaust

    I'm searching for a 4-to-2 exhaust for my 1978 CB550K. If you have one or know where I can get one, please let me know. I'm in Toronto btw. Willing to ship though.
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    WWII Hells Angels flight jacket on eBay

    Not mine, just thought it was interesting. Opening bid is $2000 "Included in this auction is a estate collection of original World War 2 items related to the 8th Airforce 303rd Bombardment Group, 360th Bombardment Squad" The...
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    Blog full of stories about bikes, cars, babes and Steve McQueen There's a lot of good reading and viewing on this site. It'd be best to bookmark it.
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    Need tail light ASAP

    Hey there, Mother Nature has gone and shit and pissed all over the guts of my tail light. The running light works, the brake light is buggered. I could fix it, but the rear fender needs a chop anyways so I might as well do it at the same time. I'm looking for a small lucas-type tail...
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    Vintage Jacket Restoration

    I have a 1950's Grais jacket that needs some restoration. Can anyone tell me what period-correct zipper would be found on a jacket like this from the 50's? I'm sure it would be similar to what would be found on a Buco or Beck of the same period. Here's an image of the jacket from...
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    CB550 Speedo Drive

    Need a new speedo drive. I have a cable already, just the drive is needed. In Toronto. Anyone gots what I needs?
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    Air Compressor in Toronto?

    Does anyone living up around St.Clair/Dufferin have an air compressor I could use for 10 minutes? I just want to swap out my grips.
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    Honda Bullet Connectors in Toronto?

    Does anyone have a good source for quality bullet connectors in Toronto?
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    An open letter

    People of Toronto, If you see my bike parked on the side of the road, please do not feel free to sit on it, move my mirrors around or touch it in any way. Also, please stop hitting my bike with your car. Yours truly, All motorcycle owners in Toronto
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    Check out this paint job
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    How necessary are fork dust covers?

    Here are my forks You'll immediately notice the saggy, shitty looking fork boots. I have them put on while my mechanic was doing my fork seals. They're far too large for my bike...I believe they're for a dirt bike. I would like to immediately cut them off...but then I won't have any kind of...
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    BCR original floating gauge bracket

    The BCR site has a CB550 kit. The parts listed in the kit includes a 'BCR original floating gauge bracket'; however there are no pictures of it. Does any one have it? Have a picture?
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