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    Oil tank for scrambler

    Hi gents, I´m running a tuned up Ace 50. But now I´ve bought a 1992 Yamaha 660XTZ Tenere that I´m turning in to a "scrambler". (60´s Triumph style with mud tires etc.). The oil is originally in the frame, but I´ve deleted that, cut off all the pipes and welded it shut. What can be a good idea...
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    New Skyteam bike

    It´s not an Ace, but I like the rough, off-road "Steve McQueen look". A new Engine with 4 valves, comes both in 49cc and 125cc:
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    50 - 250

    Is it possible to use the OOR 250cc full engine kit on an Ace 50? It won't be legal, but do you think it would be possible in relation to the frame/electricals/mecanical? I've e-mailed OOR and they think it's possible, but are not 100% (I have their 72cc tune up kit, and I'm pleased with the...
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    Rear sprocket/chain

    I bought the OORacing tuning kit for the ACE 50 (22mm carb,, rear sprocket etc). Now I´ve changed the rear sprocket to the smaller one from OOR, 40T 428 pitch, to get more top speed/lower...
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    Is the company with the site a serious vendor? I was under the impression that this is the same company that sells the bikes in GB, but after ordering spare parts from them over 6 weeks ago and still no delivery I´m starting to wonder. At first they didn´t awnser my e-mails...
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    ACE R50

    Hi everybody! My name is Jonas, new member from Sweden, don´t know if there are anyone else riding an ACE here from Sweden? Nice board with lot´s of inspiration and information! I ordered and payed my 50R last week and waiting for it now. Haven´t got a MC licence, so I got the 50cc to able to...
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