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    Kill Switch

    Hello! Think I am in the final stages of my project 73 CL350... I am using the Honda switches sold by Cognito Moto (yes, I have asked them for input on the issue I'm having). Everything seems to be wired correctly except the kill switch - the bike starts regardless of the position of the...
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    CL350 First Build

    Hello all, Wanted to share my project. It's the first bike I have ever worked on and it has been a huge learning experience. I believe I am finally about done with it and very excited!
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    Passenger Pegs CL350

    Hello again! I am looking for more information about the use of the passenger peg brackets on my CL350. I removed the brackets themselves for aesthetic reasons, but I am questioning if they serve a purpose to the swing arm? Is it safe to run without them? Thank you
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    1973 Gap between gaitors and tube

    Does anyone have a trick for filling this gap or other options between the stock fork boot and the tube? I removed the stock headlight brackets.
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    Triple clamp crack

    Found a crack in the triple tree on my 73 cl350! Found it while removing forks. I have a 72 that I can take the top clamp off of, but can’t seem to find an answer as to whether or not they can be swapped. They only look slightly different. I see a lot of billet and aluminum ones on cognito...
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    Seat options

    I am exploring options for seats and am leaning toward tuffside seats. I purchased a cafe seat from Amazon, but it was just a cheaper option. I realized after some more research my cheaper option is roughly 4 inches shorter than the tuffside seats, which kind of sucks being that it wouldn't be...
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    Clubman handlebars

    Tried putting new handle bars on my bike tonight... was the most difficult thing I've done and have done a lot already, this really tried my patience. I feel like this is maybe a stupid post, but I'm having a hard time deciding how these handle bars are meant to sit on the bike? No matter how...
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    CB350 Regulator / Rectifier combination

    Hello, Working on a project and have gone through and replaced most of the electrical parts. Wasn't getting spark on the left side and have been dealing with that... I was going to replace the regulator this evening when my father found this absolute disaster with the wiring. It's so awful I...
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    cl350 no spark

    Hello, Hoping to get some help here because I'm at a loss! Quick backstory: friend and I got 2 cl350s, rebuilt the carbs on his, it starts up, runs, idles. Rebuilt the carbs on mine, went through the same steps and nothing. We check for spark, getting spark on right side but not the left...
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    Front Brake/Clutch Levers

    Hello! I am working on a cafe racer project, but I am having trouble finding clutch and front brake levers. I found some on Cognito Moto that I like, but they say it is for disc brake I think? I am keeping the drum brakes and so I'm not sure if I need the - what I think is - the master...
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    Fuel not getting to carbs?

    Hello! Friend and I are working on cb350. It started up when we got it but wouldnt stay running and wouldn’t idle. So we rebuilt the carbs, replaced pet cock, and fuel lines. We cleaned gas tank and changed the oil. No dice. We checked spark which is good. Then we decided to check the...
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    CL350 will not idle or stay running

    Hi everyone! Friend and I got some 1973 CL350s last week, we are new to all this and just started working on them today - trying to get one running at a time. We had success with one, but it will not stay running and will not idle. We can open the throttle up and get it revving, but it gives...
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    CL350 Project

    Hello, New here and looking for some information I am having some trouble finding. I am going to pick up four CL350s tonight with a friend with the intention of building ourselves a couple cafe bikes. We are both new to this. Does anyone know of any guides that are pretty comprehensive from...
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