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    Aluminum rims for spoked wheels on vintage bikes?

    So I'd like to get some black aluminum rims to lace up on my 75 CL360 hubs. Does anyone know where I could buy some that will fit?
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    1978 RD400 build

    Ok so here she is just the way I brought her home. I just stumbled across this one and couldn't resist, it had been sitting in this guys garage for over 10 years collecting dust. He said he bought it in 79' and raced it for a lot of years after that. It's got electronic ignition and some better...
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    Mikuni VM32's (traded) (gone)

    I bought a set of VM32's and have been told by a few others here that they are too big for a stock 360. Would anyone be interested in buying them so I can buy some 30's? They have a 190 main jet and a 35 pilot jet and are brand new never been run. It would be just the 2 carbs no other parts...
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    Cycle x shocks any good? Emgo?

    Looking at getting these but was wondering if anyone else has used them. Any alternatives? Also looking at some "hammerhead" vintage racing shocks on feebay but they are twice as much, anyone know if they are worth the extra $...
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    Crank bearing install the easy way

    Here's a few pics and a video of installing crank bearings on a Honda XR600 crank, this method works on all sorts of bikes though. Throw that crank in the freezer for a few hours, go drink some beer and scrape your gaskets or something. Set the bearings on the stove for a minute or so...
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    Shift linkage question with pics.

    So I have two options for the linkage ball joint on the shifter side, the original honda one from a CBR with the rubber cover, or this aftermarket one that has no boot. I like the look of the the one with the boot as it maches the other one. I cut 8x1.25 threads on the honda one after I...
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    CB350 tank

    Here's a tank I bought on Ebay but it won't fit my bike so I'm going to use another tank I bought instead. The tank will need some paint and body work but it's a good start. The inside looks pretty good, there's some very light rust spots but really not bad at all and it looks useable as it is...
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    1975 CL360 Cafe project (Completed for now!)

    Here's how it looked when I brought it home. And progress so far. Tank is from a CB550, 1974 I believe. I have 2 other tanks on order so it might get changed and paint will be redone regardless of which tank I choose to use. I'm kinda liking the 550 tank right now so... FOR SALE $60 +...
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    Is there a way to "view all subscribed threads"

    Is there a way to "view all subscribed threads" so I can easily go back to threads I've liked without searching all over the board?
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    Fuel Tank compatability thread + CL360 tank question

    Can I put a 73' CB350 tank on my 76' CL360 with minimal mods? Please help! Ok guys if this type of thread already exists please post a link. If not maybe we can get it started here? Post the Model bike and then what model tanks will fit and the level of mods to make it fit. I was thinking...
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    Another new San Diego Guy 75' CL360

    Hey guys, here's my bike. 1975 CL360 all original. And Here's my inspiration. Not sure who's bike this is but I really like the way it was done and I'm hoping some of the guys on the forum can help me figure out where to get some of the parts used on this bike starting with the seat and tank...
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