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    Hickory Log Table

    Well I built this table a while back. All of the wood is from a single log. I split the log with a chainsaw and used an electric hand planer to face the wood. All other work was done with hand tools (chisels, hammers, rasps etc.)There were no nails or screws or metal fasteners used. I used...
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    32x48 Pole Barn Garage

    So it has been a long while since I was able to get anything done on my kz650 mainly due to a new job and I decided to build a larger garage that will be dedicated to builds/projects. So we have finally got to a point on the building that I can post some pictures. This is a project that I am...
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    CAD program?

    Ok so I've been doing some research and I was hoping that some of you could point me in a good direction. I'm an outside salesman in an industrial electric market. I have no prior experience with any CAD programs but I would like to find one that I can mess around with for free and try my hand...
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    KZ 650-"My Project has Projects"

    I made an introduction a while back but I never got to making a build thread. My build is making slow progress and that is one reason I have not made a thread. However, I think I've got to a point where I have enough done and some pictures to show some progress so I figured I would make a...
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    Hello from Eastern Ohio.

    Hello All. My name is Brock I am from Rayland, Oh. Its a small town about 45 minutes or so west of pittsburgh and minutes from Wheeling, WV. I just wanted to introduce myself because I have been reading and watching for a while. Seems like a great site with great people. I originally...
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