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    Ace Owners Locator

    Hi, Change of address please, as of today; was; Artarmon NSW, now: Morphettville South Australia, Looking forward to catching up with other Croweaters.
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    new, ideas for tires?

    Mines running Pirelli City Demons, stock size (3.00 rear, 2.75 front) and quite happy with them. Also have a look at "The Skyteam Ace Build Database" thread and see what other tyres people have entered into the spreadsheet.
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    Ace Owners Locator

    Hi sensual_salsa, Did you but the bike from Martin's Motorcycles, or privately? I'm up in Cairns for work every 4~6 weeks for work, and have gone there a few times to look at what bikes are on offer. Up in Cairns this week actually.
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    Ace Owners Locator

    Hi all, Please add me to the list; Fantic125, Artarmon, NSW, AU. Ace 125, TRX850, AJS 350.
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    Another newbie. But not my first 125...

    Hi all, After coveting one of these little suckers for a few years I finally managed to put up the cash to buy one. Not my first 125; that goes to a yz back in the late'70's, (I was young then), followed by a Fantic 125 Chopper, and now this. There's been a few other bikes in between (still...
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