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    1978 GS1000 Restomod

    It's been awhile since my last build on DTT. A few years ago I drove to Ann Arbor and I picked up a '78 GS1000 in 7/10 shape with some nice modifications already done to it but it wasn't my plan to stop there. For years, I have been infatuated with Singer Vehicle Designs rendition of the Porsche...
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    Want to Buy: 1978/1979 GS1000E (Skunk) or GS1000S Cooley Rep

    Title says it all. Serious buyer with cash in hand located in Cincinnati, OH. Please let me know if you have any leads on these bikes. Thanks! Matthew
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    DIY: Adding Honda S2000 Engine Start Button to your Motorcycle!!!

    This has been a long time coming but I finally got it completed! I've been wanting to add this button to my Honda CB360 build since I started as I also have a Honda S2000 and wanted to tie the two together somehow. No one had ever done this before so I figured what the heck and gave it a shot...
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    CB360 Big Bore Engine Build - questions

    1.) The GS850 pistons are lighter than the CB360 pistons by 11%. 8.33oz vs. 9.44oz for the CB360 pistons. This is including pistons rings and clips. Will this difference in weight be enough to throw the crank out of whack? 2.) If the difference is significant enough, what measures need to be...
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    CB360 - Progressive Suspension...HD rates or no?

    Im looking at getting some Progressive rear shocks for my CB360 and am not sure if I should get the HD springs or not. Now, I am by no means a lightweight at 230lbs, so Im leaning to HD. However, I also want a comfortable around-town ride. The bike will not be tracked and is not my daily rider...
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    1979 Suzuki GS750N - Slow Restoration

    Yesterday I came across a freshly posted CL ad advertising a 1979 Suzuki GS750N. Not knowing much about the Suzuki's, I e-mailed the guy asking if I could look at it, and got to work researching. Come to find out, the GS750 was a pretty stout and impressive bike in the day, so my wife and I went...
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    Using single LED indicator light with filament turn signals?

    Howdy - Im trying to hook up my new custom dash (as seen in build thread in my sig) and I cannot figure out how to use a single LED indicator light for my turn signals. The OEM idiot box has a single filament bulb and it works for both L & R turn signals when plugged in appropriately. I...
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    CB400F SS decal size

    Can someone please measure the "400 Four" decals and post up the dimensions for me asap? A few pics would be tits also. Thanks!!!!!
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    CB360 Cafe Seat with stock seat pan

    This post will document the steps i took to create a cafe seat on my stock seat pan. I wanted an OEM-style cafe seat, one that will look like it came on the bike when I got it completed. I bought an extra Cb360 seat off of eBay and a spare CB360 tank. The only thing I didnt do myself is the...
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    Best way to do pinstripes.....paint or vinyl?

    Im looking at painting my bike in the next 2-3 weeks and am looking for the "best" way to do my striping. It will be a basic 1-1.5" white stripe flanked by 1/8" gold stripes set on blue paint...just your basic cafe triple stripe. Now, I know there is some nice vinyls that can be used for...
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    CB360 Fork Spring Replacement or Swap

    Afternoon, Gents. I believe my Cb360 front fork springs to be either A) toast B) silly putty or C) not strong enough for 230lbs. Regardless of the aforementioned choices, I would like to either swap in new springs OR swap front forks from a compatible bike. My question is, which bikes would...
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    Noob Checking In - Which parts to order if rebuilding engine?

    Hello - Im looking at rebuilding my spare CB360T engine to drop into my bike. Id like to give it a nice once-over and replace all consumables and typical wear items. My question is, what is a good starting point for that list of parts? The bike is free, has compression, etc., so no major parts...
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    SQOTD: Best way to clamp down MAC 2-1 header into muffler?

    Stupid Question Of The Day! I just put on my new MAC 2-1 and wasn't supplied with clamps. The muffler acts as the 2-1 collector and there is about a 4-5MM gap between the two collectors meaning I cannot fit a standard muffler clamp in there. I tried to use smaller (ratchet clamps) and they...
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    installing cl360 pipes on cb360 --- rejet needed?

    Title says it all. Just bought some CL pipes off of eBay and am wondering if they are direct bolt on or if ill need a rejet once installed. Thanks! Matt
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    FS: 1 of 2 Corazzo XXL Retro-Style Jacket with CE Armor

    I am selling 2 Corazzo Textile 5.0 jackets in size XXL. I bought these prior to their perforated leather going on sale so I scooped that up. Both of these jackets have only been worn to try on for fit! They are BRAND NEW without tags. I can provide invoice of purchase date for both if buyer...
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    WTB: CL360 exhaust

    PM me with what you have, please. Pics would be appreciated. Im in Cincinnati, OH. -Matt
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    How-To: Install Old School Speed's CB360T Rear-Sets

    I always figure that anything I can make into a how-to/DIY post, I will. Hope this helps someone else out! This same post will be included within my build thread but I felt it worthy to duplicate in this forum as well. This update walks through the Old School Speed CB360 Rear Set install. What...
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    What would DTT Do: CB360 Paint Scheme

    Ok, so I bought that old Honda. Thread Here The paint on the tank is in fantastic condition (save for that one dent). Now, I also recently bought some side covers in the correct matching color. However, they're faded and don't match well: The sidecovers faded to a teal-ish color and don't...
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    FS: Brand new Slipstream Cycle Fiberglass Jim Lee Seat

    I bought this for my CB350 about 4 weeks ago. Quickly after that, I sold the 350 and bought a 360. I am now leaning towards doing a restoration for the 360 in lieu of a cafe build. Slipstream unfortunately does not accept returns and I have no use for it whatsoever. Price for DTT members through...
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    Help wiring in new Electric Start button

    Ok, so this is a purely unnecessary modification, but I want to do it anyways. I'm a complete Honda nut with my other cars being a '00 S2000 and an '08 Civic Si sedan. Both Red. I want to borrow some modern technology and implement it into the bike but Im admittedly electrically retarded, so I...
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