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  1. CafeMack

    Survivor 73 Yamaha RD350 8K miles

    So I scored this sweet 1973 Yamaha RD350 for free, it's fully stock, only thing it needs is an ignition switch, headlight, oil cap and a couple turn signals to be complete best I can tell so far. Took off the heads, pistons and cylinders are pristine, brake lines still have fluid in them but...
  2. CafeMack

    First bike EVER!

    I've not officially bought it yet but by the time you read this I probably will have purchased this bike as my first ever. I really wanted to go with a vintage SOHC Honda but after thinking about it and coming across the deal for this bike I thought it would be better to get something more...
  3. CafeMack

    I'm just saying, this is an awesome looking bike!

    I'm new to motorcycles so I don't really understand what that means. How can you tell how much travel it has? I assume you are talking about the distance the front forks have to travel up and down, right? What is a normal, adequate amount? I did NOT know that, but I am very glad you told me...
  4. CafeMack

    I'm just saying, this is an awesome looking bike!

    I especially love the seat pan. Any thoughts guys?
  5. CafeMack

    CB 350F Getting there...slowly !!

    Still working on it? Where you at in KY? I'm in Danville.
  6. CafeMack

    74 cb750, First build.

    Niiiiccee! That looks great man!
  7. CafeMack

    CB400F First Build! College Kid's Cafe Project

    Love the enthusiasm you have, but are you building this thing in a closet?
  8. CafeMack

    CB650 vs SOHC CB750

    Many questions: What are the differences? I've read that the 650 is touted as having the performance of the 750 with the lightness of a 550. What about stock power rating? Top speeds? Real world performance? Tunability? Aftermarket part availability? I originally was set on getting the SOHC...
  9. CafeMack

    KY Cafe for the ton

    What's the big deal about the '69 sand cast engines?
  10. CafeMack

    KY Cafe for the ton

    Ahhh, I see, so the pre-79's are more prolific and easier to work and find parts for. That's what I was wanting to buy originally but if the price on this Ducati is too good to pass up then I will have to go with that. It's not even close to what I want to build off of but it seems like it'll be...
  11. CafeMack

    KY Cafe for the ton

    What's the difference between the SOHC and DOHC models? Besides the obvious, why do the SOHC seem to be more popular? Are they easier to tune/work on/upgrade? Sound or ride better or is it just an older is better thing?
  12. CafeMack

    KY Cafe for the ton

    Got it, a functional bike so I can learn how to ride. Check. How about a Ducati 696? I got a buddy who is possibly about to file bankruptcy and if the bank repo's it I can probably get a killer deal on it. It's not the direction I want to go at all but I figure worst case I buy it, learn how to...
  13. CafeMack

    1983 Suzuki GS750E Cafe/Brat/Tracker? or whatever

    Coming together nicely, look forward to the next update.
  14. CafeMack

    KY Cafe for the ton

    What kinda price range is reasonable for a decent condition, full, non-running CB750? I have a lead on a 1987 750 Nighthawk/Shadow (I haven't actually seen the bike yet just heard about it from a guy who knows the guys who owns it.) that supposedly had the engine rebuilt recently but needs the...
  15. CafeMack

    Hi guys! Now what? NEW BUILD -> '78 CB750

    Looks like a great platform for a 1st build. The knee AND elbow dents are great, never seen that before.
  16. CafeMack

    CB 550 Cafe

    Keep at it!
  17. CafeMack

    Honda Build

    Re: 1972 Honda CB 350F Build. Update I'm anything but a purist so I totally support it. Automobiles can be so much more than just transportation, ya know? You put your heart and soul into it it becomes a very expression of self, personalized art. That is, if you're into that sort of thing, I...
  18. CafeMack

    TRX Cafe Racer

    Very impressive, looking forward to seeing the finished project.
  19. CafeMack

    Honda Build

    Re: 1972 Honda CB 350F Build. Update Wow, some guys would be offended at "molesting" such a cherry bike, I'm sure. Have fun with it though man, what are your plans for it?
  20. CafeMack

    74 cb750, First build.

    Super clean man, what style/color seat you going with? Have you done any work to the engine internals? Edit: My fault, I re-read, bored out cylinders, all new hardware, right. Do you know how many CCs that makes it now?
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