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    Bonneville speedweek is the go to website for bonneville . Go to the forum for links to photos and the meradix audio/commentry The audio will be from track 1 of the 4 tracks so not so many bikes but the bike liners will runthis track when they are up to speed after testing . SAM Wheeler died a...
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    Ace 50 oil cooler

    As i have an Ace 50 i have to flog it to keep up with traffic,and am worried about oil temp. Has anyone fitted an oil cooler and what fitting/cover would i need .
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    Honda dream 50

    Whilst in Perth ,au recently i went to a few scooter shops ,i tried to ring Incity motorcycles ,Albany Hwy but couldnt get through until the last day. Straight there was i and purchased a 50 big bore kit , whilst there chating he points above behind me and hanging on the wall is a honda...
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