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    NEED yamaha ds3 engine

    looking for a friend.. he got a ds3 Yamaha {nice survivor bike ) that must have been stored outside and water got into cases and pooched the crank etc.. we are looking for a hopefully complete engine..any help out there ? he lives near Pittsburgh pa... thanks guys
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    need 69-72 h1 left side body cover

    anybody have one that's repairable shape ? needed for project, please pm if you have one
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    357 kaw triple special

    350 s2 body set, h1 500 frame, 750 h2 powered, working on sourcing fzr for suspension. but here I am early in mock up.
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    when life deals you another s2....

    seeing i have a stock s2 350 and an h2 750, im thinking a more modernized triple this time
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    pgh mods vs rockers

    anybody going ? im thinking of it... meet up spot ? ill be heading south from butler on 79
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    yamaha ds7 parts 1972

    engine/carbs - carbs free , engine turns w compression seems to shift ok..has typical case damage from chain failure at clutch cable...but i have the piece..easy fix for welder $150 & shipping ( coils , reg/rect included ) gauges - $50 shipped swing arm $25 shipped centerstand $25 shipped...
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    my pride and joy for sale

    the 350 triple is up fo sale
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    renthal titanium twin wall bars

    for honda/kaw dirt bike... 1 1/8 x 7/8 new in bag $50 and shipping link to bar specs # 997-01-TG-02-185 please pm usual-first reply has dibs
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    pgh pa / mercer t 500 smoker-craigslist
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    now heres a sale
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    1967 yamaha ycs 180 smoker twin

    runs,elec start, think the only thing that dont work is headlight..have title .. id like to get $500 bike near pgh if interested
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    anybody game for a 5 cyl 70 h1 ???

    dream on this...
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    new guy here

    from north of pittsburgh( butler )...mostly into the kaw triples but like most other modified bikes.. my current bikes.. fresh resto 1972 kaw s2 next in line for resto...1972 kaw h2 750 the mutant s2 triple 72 xs chopper a few ive bought to get running-enjoy riding and...
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