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  1. CB360 Canadian

    What helmet is this guy wearing?

    Anyone know the make? I am thinking of getting a full face helmet. I have a 3/4 daytona helmet, I feel like a bobble head when I go down the road.
  2. CB360 Canadian

    Tailight suggestions

    I have the stock tail light and turn lights on my cb360. I was thinking of going with something simpler and cleaner and hopefully fairly easy to install. I was hoping someone could give me some suggestions. After spending an hour on google I'm still no more sure what I want (if anything) than I...
  3. CB360 Canadian

    Bar End Mirrors

    I am looking to buy some bar end mirrors online and I have seen a large disparity in cost for mirrors that look very similar. I understand the difference is probably quality but in a lot of circumstances the quality difference is marginal and going with the cheapies isn't always a bad thing. Is...
  4. CB360 Canadian

    Handle bars (newb alert)

    I wanted to replace my handle bars with something lower profile. Not clubman bars or anything, just something lower. This is my first bike and I was just wondering what my options are? What would you recommend and why? I do apologize for the newb questions but I've always found other people...
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