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    Kawasaki spoked wheels advice wanted.

    Right then, further to my thread in the project section HERE I’d like to run spoked wheels on the ER5. I have an 18 inch wheel here from a Chinese 125 (herald I think!) which looked quite acceptable but wouldn’t fit as it was a drum and I want to retain the front brake disc. Especially now I’ve...
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    Where’s the thread....?

    Sure I saw a black and silver CX500 having a custom exhaust with 10x angled outlets This week in here. Where is the thread, any ideas?
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    Kawasaki ER-5 Cafe Racer

    I really decided to do this as the bike was so cheap to buy and with a 40k 500cc commuter level bike being worth less than a grand it seemed the only way to add value was do do something unique.......then I started and as it has taken shape I’m sorta proud of my work thus far and I don’t think...
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    Hi guys, newbie here from the UK

    Long time biker here with a penchant for litre sports bikes until recently when I decided to try an MT10 (FZ10) and the rest is history. I now have a 2018 MT10 in the garage. l like to pick up a cheap bike most years and usually end up doing a rolling resto and selling it to basically recoup my...
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