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  1. atx360

    For anyone who likes racing.....

    This is the top of turn one at the Circuit of the Americas track they are building in Austin TX. I toured it today and man was it mind-blowing. I can't count the goosebumps!!
  2. atx360

    cb360 rear brake spring installation?

    Cant quite figure out how this spring and adjusment screw at the brake pedal all jive?? Any help would be appreciated. also this is a 75 cb360 and mounting a cl360 pedal........thanks for the help gents. ;)
  3. atx360

    modern reg/rec on cb360

    Ok so heres the scenario........... 1975 cb360 and I have a reg/rec unit off of a 2011 zx6r. The modern unit has six total connectors 3grey and 3black. any help with how to wire this thing in would be awesome. thanks all
  4. atx360

    cb360 drum front conversion??

    can I just put the cj360 drum front wheel on my stock cb360 front forks? I'm having caliper master cylinder issues, and like the look of the drum. I tried to search but couldnt find anything...thanks
  5. atx360

    external fork springs?

    Ok after searching I cant seem to find any info on how to do this mod? I really like the look of external springs on front forks. Since im putting progressive rear shocks on my build I could use the springs off my stock rears, which I think is the standard when doing this mod. :-\ So my...
  6. atx360

    cool vid...I want these bars!!

    <iframe src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="400" height="225" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">MUSIC VIDEO RIDING SEPTEMBER</a> from <a...
  7. atx360

    cafe guru on storage wars....

    kinda funny!
  8. atx360

    will 350 head pipes fit on 360 motors?

    Has anyone tried to fit 350 pipes on theyre 360.....Its a long shot but worth knowing in my case! Thanks guys
  9. atx360

    cool bike on austin craiglist
  10. atx360

    So I guess I'll start another cb360 build thread......

    So I've pretty well familiarized myself with the forum I think, and have already introduced myself. So I gues now is the point where I start my build thread. I hope yall enjoy! The bike was a throw away that I got for free about a year ago from a customer at my parts counter.( I was a parts...
  11. atx360


    I'm sure there is a thread somwhere that we can post cool bikes we've *spotted*, but I couldnt find it ??? This old girl is a 1979 cb400 with a whiskey bottle fuel gauge and what looks to be an all custom frame. pretty neat! ;D
  12. atx360

    I've got an 06 drz150 supermoto for sale

    So this is a 2006 drz125 punched out to a high compression 150cc. Bigger Carb w/k&n pod filter. Excel 17's laced to stock hubs w/ almost new Michelin rains. Yz85 front end and rebuilt rear shock w/ heavy duty springs. pro circuit t-4 full system, asv levers, Braided brake line. Clean TX title...
  13. atx360

    Cl360 scrambler pipes

    Really need to find a set of these for my build I have a set of stock cb pipes if anyone might want to swap or I would gladly buy outright. Thanks for any help. Levi Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I997 using Tapatalk
  14. atx360

    To paint or PC?

    OK so my frame swingarm and centerstand have all been blasted. NO bad rust spots! ;) and I have already sprayed my swingarm and centerstand with rust-oleum engine enamel, and I like the way they turned out, BUT I don't know if I trust it on the frame. I didnt primer under either of them and I...
  15. atx360

    should I bore this?

    So this is a cb 360 ported polished and freshly buttoned up....The jug, combustion sufaces and all head parts have been ceramic-coated. I just recieved my vm 30's and the corresponding boots. I noticed that the intake work we did is a much smaller bore than the boot size. Should I widen it...
  16. atx360

    the old, the new and the soon to be.............

    alright so this is a test run....I recently traded in my AMAZING 2009 zx6r for an also amazing sporty 48....but I have never in my life thought that I would be an owner of a harley. SO I've had this cb 360 in my garage , not getting worked on for way too long, and now its time to get serious! I...
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