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    cb360 motor and carbs

    Selling a cb360 motor that came with my project bike. Motor does NOT turn over and it is missing the stator cover. Comes with everything pictured. Located just outside of Philadelphia. Make an offer!
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    Preventing chrome oxidation?

    Hey guys every time I polish my wheels oxidation seems to set in again shortly after. What do you guys use to prevent this?
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    CB360 motor & frame

    I got this frame and motor when I bought my cb350 and have no use for it. I'm open to all offers I just want it out of my garage. There is no title with the frame. Its located in Philadelphia, PA.
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    Tarozzi Paolo Rearsets on a cb350

    I just picked up a set of these off of eBay for my cb350. Has anyone ever mounted these on their bike?
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    Newbie determined to finish my cb350 project!

    Hey guys! My name is Pete. I am new to both motorcycles and this forum. About 4 years ago I bought a cb350 project as my first bike with the intentions of getting it running and turning it into a cafe racer. I proceeded to disassemble the entire bike as well as the engine and that’s about where...
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    Has anyone used this eBay seat?

    I bought this seat off of eBay a little while back. Has anyone else bought one of these? If so how did you end up upholstering it?
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    Chrome Plating - Philadelphia Area

    Hey guys I'm newbie to this forum so let me start out by introducing myself. My name is Pete. I bought a cb350 about 4 years ago as my first bike and I've been working on it on and off since then (pretty much just disassembling it and ordering parts). Now I am determined to finish it! I'd like...
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