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  1. sham

    Shop Recommendations for Engine Work Sydney

    Hey guys, Just wanting to get the engine honed. Any recommendations for machinists etc? What shops have you guys been using for engine work in general if any. Thanks
  2. sham

    Oil levels - oil window vs manual

    Hey guys, So here's the deal - I overfilled the engine oil to get the bike started about 2 weeks ago, mainly because it was making a hell of a noise and there was no oil showing in the oil window even though I had filled in the specified 1.4L as per the manual. My spark plug has been fouling...
  3. sham

    Has anyone used an ISI Torque Wrench?

    So that's what I have - its german if that helps. Haven't been able to find any "manuals" on how to use it, unlike the Norbar ones which have great youtube videos. Issue is that I can't seem to get the "click" that torque wrenches like the Norbar and others on youtube get. I've only noticed a...
  4. sham

    How do I remove this?

    Hey, I was planning on removing the camshaft sprocket. To do so, the manual says that I need to remove the lockbolt and washer pictured here: However, this is what I see: And strangely enough, here is another photo of the same area later in the manual: What is going on here? Is it like...
  5. sham

    Impressions on Yamaha DT175 '79/80

    Hey guys, Opportunity to purchase a DT175 has arisen. Just wondering if any of you have owned one of these and what your general impressions are? Are OEM/aftermarket parts easy to source? I'm finding one of the biggest issues with the kz250 to be the large amount of discontinued parts... I'm...
  6. sham

    0 compression?!

    Hey guys, rather confused so there are a couple questions here I think... Background is a Kawasaki Z250, bought non starting and still non starting. I have rebuilt the carb (CV32, but have not removed/changed the float valve seat - not sure how, that's another question) and then realised I...
  7. sham

    Is this the secondary main jet?

    Hi, so still haven't managed to get the carb right, but while I was at it I thought I'd rejet it for pods seeing as the air filter element doesn't seem to be in production anymore. I found some sizes from kzrider which seems to work - the link I posted on my build thread. The plan is to...
  8. sham

    Dry float measurement for Keihin CV32 carbs?

    I think I've messed up mine. My fuel levels are 25mm below the bowl and no matter how much I adjust it up or down, I can't seem to get it anywhere near the bowl edge. I did start off at 5mm but :( I only needed to get to 2mm...
  9. sham

    Bike won't start :(

    Hey guys, so the CDI's been in and gives off a tiny spark, the tank was cleaned and petrol had been added...I expected it to start but all I got was the usually starter whirrr, plus a new weird gassy sound from the exhaust (in my head its kinda like one of those supersonic booms but much less...
  10. sham

    How do you seal up the petcock hole if its an irregular shape.

    Sorry, many questions this weekend, and most of them seem pretty stupid. So I was trying to clean out the rust of my tank - a KZ250, and had read that people have had success using rubber stoppers to fill the petcock hole. However, my petcock hole is an elongated oval, so my dad convinced me...
  11. sham

    Is the overflow tube suppose to connect to anything?

    I forgot if this was connected to anything or not. By the name of it I suppose its not, but its a bit strange to have it just dangling as well... Here's a pic. Thanks.
  12. sham

    Wanting the green light

    So, I've been doing some reading on how to remove rust from the inside of tanks and I was just wanting some feedback on what I envision to do before I do it: The rust on my tank I believe, is reasonably new (developed within a month). I inspected the insides when I first got the bike and it...
  13. sham

    Another electrical question

    So the new multimeter arrived, allowing me to finally check out the ignition. I wanted to make sure things like the regulator were working before hooking it all up. So first off, I thought it would be good to check the internal resistance of the ignition. The part is supposedly OEM, but my...
  14. sham

    Anyone in Australia have a 8AG 20A fuse

    Hi, Does anyone have one of these? I'm using a 3AG at the moment just to make sure things work, but haven't managed to locate an 8AG anywhere. My ignition arrived way quicker than expected (for anyone who remembers, yes the seller did send to me directly for no additional costs) and I really...
  15. sham

    Basic Question

    Hi, I just really want to know what the little rectangles on the wiring diagram means. I believe its a symbol for a connection, but I can't find anything in the manual to confirm this. Why I ask is because I have just found this: Its two red wires going into nothing... I believe this is...
  16. sham

    Anyone living in Germany?

    Hi all, I've managed to locate a very cheap OEM ignitor for my kz. Problem is the seller will only ship within Germany. Is there anyone on this forum who's living in Germany and would be kind enough to let me mail to them, and for them to mail to me in Australia? I'll be paying for all the...
  17. sham

    Sparking/not sparking

    So, I think I "hot wired" my bike... I was trying to test for a spark, and after matching up the various wires of the kit CDI, I hit the starter, but nothing happened. I switched around the wires connecting to the ignition coil (I understand it has a positive and negative?) and again, nothing...
  18. sham

    cam assembly

    Hey, just wondering if anyone knows if its normal for the idle screw to be scrapping against idle link, or have I put it together wrong? Here are the pics. Thanks.
  19. sham

    Anything wrong with using vinegar to polish carbs?

    Seeing as I had some success using vinegar removing rust and general grim from bolts and brackets, I'm wondering if anyone sees an issue with using the same ingredients to clean my carbs. I'm thinking I can only clean the exteriors with this, as the baking soda I'll have to chuck on it after...
  20. sham

    Whats wrong with my electronics?

    So, after using my car to charge up the battery a little, I hooked up the battery to the bike. Now the whole point was to test my kit CDI unit works, so I only wanted to test the lights/blinkers etc. From my understanding of the wiring diagram and diagrams from the kit, this would have been the...
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