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  1. gerrits

    Rust holes in frame. Serious?

    So I have my '71 CL 350 completely torn apart. Cleaning the frame with a scour pad on the grinder and I uncovered some rust holes in the bottom of the frame. The rest of the frame seems to be solid, just some surface rust. I'm wondering how to tell how serious this is. Is it affecting the...
  2. gerrits

    Cut hole in tank to remove dents?!

    So I have a '71 CB 350 tank with a cluster of dents (pictures below). I've tried doing some dent pulling with the suction cups and hot glue method. That didn't do much, if anything. The dents are in the furthest corner from the opening in the tank so I can't get something in there to push it...
  3. gerrits

    Moped-sidecar badass

    I've seen this guy riding around town for a while, finally got some pictures. I think the sidecar is just to hold his cooler of Mickeys big mouths and back up flip-flops. Note the mini hanger bars.
  4. gerrits

    Motorcycle crash and spin.

    I think this is the right spot for this. Maybe this is old news but I just found it. Pretty funny, start to feel bad for the guy on the green bike though. An unusual crash for two race bikes
  5. gerrits

    '71 CL350 Tank

    Selling tank off of my 71 CL350. Good condition, no dents. Was primered by PO. I cleaned the inside (Electrolysis and washer shake). No petcock. Putting it out to the good folks on DTT first. Make me an offer.
  6. gerrits

    CX500 tank on CL350?

    Hey, looking at tanks for my CL350 cafe project. I like the CX 500D tank but not sure how it will fit on my 350. Anyone put one of these on a cb/cl? How much modification will need to be done. Thanks...
  7. gerrits

    CB 350 or similar gas tank

    Looking for a CB 350 or similar cafe style tank for my CL 350. Turning mine into a cafe, and don't like how the CL tank angles up along the bottom at the front. Paint doesn't matter but looking for something without any dents hopefully. Could trade for my CL tank (no dents, solid but needs...
  8. gerrits

    CB 350 Kickstart Lever

    Looking for a kickstart lever for my CL3530, the CB kick sticks out farther, need the clearance for rearsets. Could possibly trade, I have quite a few parts of my 350 I'm not using, ask away.
  9. gerrits

    Control wires on CL 350 with clip-ons

    Ok so I'm putting clip ons on my CL350 and was planning on using the original left and right switch housings. The wires for the headlights, shut off, blinkers, etc. originally ran inside the handlebars from inside the switch housing. I can't do this on the new bars and was hoping to keep the old...
  10. gerrits

    Control Cable length for CL350 cafe

    Ok so i have started my first cafe project, a 71 CL350! I am going to be putting some clubmans or clip-ons on and am wondering about changing my control cable lengths. At Dime City Cycles I have see that they have shortened speedo and throttle cables specifically for bikes with clubmans or...
  11. gerrits

    71 CL350 cylinder #2 cold

    Ok so I bought a non running 71 CL350 for a cafe project bike. Cleaned the carbs, new air filters & fuel lines, cleaned the tank (electrolysis method worked nicely), cleaned and re-gaped the points and she fired right up and would even idle comfortably. Now here's my problem it seems the #2...
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