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    wtb 1974 cb750 seat hinges

    Anybody have some laying around? Name your price!
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    Nixon - '72 CL450 - Updates and Upgrades

    Re: Nixon - '72 CL450 - She Runs! What i would do about your leaks is go to auto zone and get a tank sealer called red-kote that stuff is great for pinholes
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    '76 CJ360T in the works!!!

    it's a cb450 from 1973.
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    parting out 1974 cb360

    Mufflers still for sale?
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    Parting Out 75 CB360 in NJ

    Mufflers? Condition?
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    Cb450 new coil. Weak spark!

    No offensive but try those guys know everything about these 450's no offensive to anyone one on this site, there are lots of smart people on here, but honda twins is more specialized. My .02
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    picked up a new car

    Dude that car is sweet. Dodges are the best.
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    DOT vs Novelty lids

    try sparx helmets they have some pretty cool helmets.
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    DOT vs Novelty lids

    Vintage! Hey man you will be fine something is better than nothing!
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    1975 CB360

    Jizz in my pants...
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    CB450K6 Build - (1st Bike Build)

    Re: Perdition's CB450 Build OMG. You have way more balls then me.. I don't think I could ever tackle something like that. I would get her running and Boom Rat Rod.
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    CB350 Built by a teen (Weld Now, Grind Later)

    Re: CB350 Built by a teen (Huffed too much... pics up!) Bahahahaha...good shit.
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    240z and 300zx

    Man this thing is looking sweet!
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    Are all vintage helmets this gooftastic?

    I had the same problem when I ordered my first vintage helmet the snowmobile helmets are bigger (prolly cause most people wore a hat) but I got a vintage motorcycle helmet and it fit perfect!
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    Good deal on a rare bike

    anyone in kansas can't go wrong with this bike. I would snatch it up but don't need another project.
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    Its done. 72 Honda CB750... Vinrodz Speed Shop

    nice bike looks real nice
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    Vintage helmets - need a bit of info.

    My state doesn't require you to wear a helmet. on a nice sunny afternoon you might see 1 out of 10 people wearing one. So I wear my vintage helmet because it is a lot better then scalp to asphalt.
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    Let's see your pickup trucks

    lol good shit!
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