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  1. byrdo444

    What Makes A Good Forum??

    So I'm doing some consulting for a local magazine's online forum ( Basically, I'm joining, becoming part of the community then helping them know how to improve the forum (because right now it's kinda lame). I think that DTT is an excellent example of a quality...
  2. byrdo444

    Keeping Bike Outside

    Just moved into a new place with no garage storage. It's a safe area and we have an enclosed driveway where I can put my bike. Now it's not the nicest thing, but I want to keep it nice for years to come. What's the best way to keep a bike outside? Today I hung a tarp from house as a sort of...
  3. byrdo444

    My Films

    I'm a filmmaker, here's some of my past short internet stuff, I will update this thread as I come out with more stuff worth posting. Click on one that looks interesting to you. If you'd like to see more of my art check out my Vimeo or Youtube...
  4. byrdo444

    The Most Versatile Tool

    YO, so I'm building my current bike with little to no power tools...but that is making things really hard/really slow. For example the other day I needed to drill a big hole in something, but didn't have any bits that were bigger than (insert really small size), so I ended up just drilling a ton...
  5. byrdo444

    CB200 Shocks

    Looking for aftermarket shocks that will fit the cb200, mine are a little too loose right now. Looking for something that can take a little more weight.
  6. byrdo444

    CB200 Stock Parts - Exhaust, Foot Pegs, Rear Tail Light, Break Arm

    Title says it all Exhaust (right and left), Foot Pegs (both passenger and rider), Rear Tail Light, Break Arm. PM me if interested or comment below for pictures of anything.
  7. byrdo444

    CL 175 Pipe Mount THINGY

    I wanna buy something that I can mount my cl175 pipes with. See that little thingy that goes from the pipe to the bike. That thing, or something like it. Anyone have one, or have any suggestions?
  8. byrdo444


    Looking for in-person help on my bike. The forum is great so far but I've come to a point where I just need someone who knows more than I do (which is not a whole ton) to look at the bike and help me work a few things out. Ive been messing with a lot of things on it, and I don't think I can ride...
  9. byrdo444


    I laughed when i saw it, but it could be a legitimate way to save lives. I would want to test it out somehow, looks like fun
  10. byrdo444

    How do I reattach this?!?

    Driving myself crazy over this. Went to flip the break lever and now I can't get it back on! Basically when I try and push it on it pushes the rod into the drum break. Do I need to stretch the clamp a ton and slide it on without pushing that rod in? Does this make any sense?
  11. byrdo444

    Connecting this to that.

    I thought my rearsets would come with this piece, I thought wrong. What's it called and where can I get one? The piece that connects the rearset shifting rod to the stock shift location. My bike is a CB200. p.s. has anyone ever just made one our of stock shift arm? I figure I could just cut...
  12. byrdo444

    Old gloves? I want em!

    Have a secondary pair of gloves you don't use anymore? Well, I don't have any so let's see what you got :D
  13. byrdo444

    Do you take your bike in to "the shop"?

    So...I've been getting mixed messages from people. After just buying a bike off craigslist, some people are saying I should take it in for a safety check, others are saying it's a waste of money. What do you think? The local shop here said they charge for about 30 minutes labor for a once...
  14. byrdo444

    '74 CB200 - Tall Dude, Tiny Bike

    YOO I've been putting this off for too long, it's time to document what's going down on this little bike. It's in great shape, but I know I'm going to be messing with it a lot over time, so might as well put it in writing eh? I just graduated college so I'm broke and have around 20,000 dollars...
  15. byrdo444

    Tire Irons

    Most affordable place to buy a set of three or more tire irons? thanks in advance!
  16. byrdo444

    IFTTT - aka FREE motorcycle notifications via text/email

    Yo guys, I don't know how many of you have ever tried IFTTT before...but it's legit. Basically it allows you to make the internet work for you. You create recipes based on a IF (fill in the blank) THEN (fill in the blank) formula. So say you could say IF I upload a YouTube video THEN post it to...
  17. byrdo444

    CL175 Pipes

    You got em? I want em!
  18. byrdo444

    Airfilters, are they necessary?

    As I keep inspecting this new bike I got I'm noticing new things each time I inspect it. One is that it has no air filters... I'd like to throw some on there (unless you think they are not necessary) but I'm worried about messing up the jetting because right now everything is so perfect. I'm...
  19. byrdo444

    Randomly found this on eBay, hahaha

    Maybe this is old news, but it made me chuckle.
  20. byrdo444

    WTB Rearsets, Exhaust Options, possibly a seat? - for Honda CB200

    I'm open to any rearsets or pipes that will fit on my cb200, let me know if you have something! Thank you thank you thank you :D I'd also open to seats that will fit on easy, this isn't at the top of my list but if you have something def let me know about that too. Thanks!
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