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  1. CBdublin

    pricey but a nice rd-400

    I usually see a lot on our local CL but rarely see these. Wish I would snag it myself but don't need another vintage bike.
  2. CBdublin

    universal mufflers

    had these on my 350. there are some small imperfections from daily driving. the only major nic is from where my kickstand sat. i can take a pic of it later if needed and its barely an eye sore. almost nothing bad visible once installed. no rust and shine up NICE. only rode with them for a...
  3. CBdublin

    CB360 kickstart on CB350?

    Anyone know if these should cross over ok? My kickstart lever does not clear the toe peg of my rearsets on my 69 cb350 but it seems the 360 lever does. I tend to buy to quickly on ebay so thought I'd ask first.
  4. CBdublin

    VINTAGE TANKS! if there is interest ill buy them off this guy.
  5. CBdublin


    season opener playing here in the states right now. im cafe all the way but I love seeing these guys lean in HD. anyone watching?
  6. CBdublin

    1969 cb350 project

    So I've been working on this project for about a year. It not only was my first project but my first bike. I had no idea what I was getting into. Let alone I dont have a garage or any place to really work on the bike. I made a lot of mistakes and have learned a lot through a cafe club we have...
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