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  1. sleventynineR

    sneak peek.....70 CB100

    Here's a quick preview of my CB100 build. I'm horrible at documenting progress. I will do a full write up in the next few days, but there are a few of you asking to see it.
  2. sleventynineR

    battery question- can I use this?

    I have a 70 CB100 in the works and want to place the battery between the rails under the seat. Is there any reason that I can't use this battery since it is kick start, don't need any CCAs, and really only need to run the lights? Or is this going to cause some seam at the edge of the universe...
  3. sleventynineR

    What items do you think should be in your local shop that are not

    I get frustrated when I go to stores/shops looking for odd ball bits and pieces, but can't find what I'm looking for. What items do you guys look for that you have a hard time finding and think should be in the store? For me, it's materials to make my own cables and stainless metric hardware...
  4. sleventynineR


    One of my favorite places when I lived in Phoenix was Bob's Used Cycles. Pretty much endless parts and they'll let you rummage through whatever you want. I haven't found many on this same scale; any hidden gems out there?
  5. sleventynineR

    let's see your van

    Any creeper/chomo/shop vans out there? I have a 75 Ford E150, first year of the long nose. Fits 3-4 bikes in it and sleeps 2. Let's see your van.
  6. sleventynineR

    tobacco cards

    I love these old tobacco cards, the best motorcycle ones I have found are either Lambert & Butler or Wills's. Anybody have other examples of early motorcycle/automotive tobacco/cigarette cards? I've been trying to find more examples and integrate them into my own artwork or for inspiration...
  7. sleventynineR

    sleventynineR- bit o'a rant

    I used to have an account here, but I kind of gave up on all social media stuff for a long time. After lurking for the last few years, and learning so much from this forum, I figured that a venture back into the interweb starting here would be warranted. I am always online for work purposes...
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