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  1. jeffreyhardy

    Oil Brand, Weight Preferences

    Thanks guys, I will pick up the ZDDP. Now what's the thought of synthetics in these old machines?
  2. jeffreyhardy

    Oil Brand, Weight Preferences

    I realize this is a religious topic... I have been using the ole Honda GN4 10W-40 in my CM450, but I realize there have been some major upgrades in oil in the past couple decades. It might be time for me to switch. Seeking knowledge gentlemen!
  3. jeffreyhardy

    Oil Brand, Weight Preferences

    This might have been done before, but I was just curious what each of you guys prefer in terms of oil brand, weight, etc. Any benefits that you have felt from your preferred oil..
  4. jeffreyhardy

    1970 CL350 Project

    The wheels are all painted up. I cleaned them really well and went to work with some VHT Satin Black Epoxy. Nice and easy coat, gave it some time, repeat times 7ish. Once the new rubber goes on I will have a roller to mock up my tank and see where I will be heading with my seat. I have a little...
  5. jeffreyhardy

    '83 CM450E

    While I continue work on my CL350, I decided to purchase a ride for this summer. Actually wasn't planning on buying something like this, but the odometer read 7,100 miles. I paid $1,500. It runs like a dream. The old man that I bought it from had a nice ole windshield and some forward foot...
  6. jeffreyhardy

    CM 450 Wheels

    If it matters the CM450 is a 1983. CL350 from 1970.
  7. jeffreyhardy

    CM 450 Wheels

    Any of you gents think that a set of 350 wheels would fit under and CM450 and do the job. I bough a CM today just to ride this summer and was thinking of doing a wheel swap (I have painted the 350 wheels and have a new set of rubber).... I'm hoping I can squeeze that rear wheel in. Any other issues?
  8. jeffreyhardy

    1982 650 GL

    That's around where I was thinking. There's some simple things that could be done aesthetically.
  9. jeffreyhardy

    1982 650 GL

    What do you guys think about this one? I'm in the process of building my cafe bike, but I really would like to have a ride for the summer time. What is a fair price to pay, and if I give it a little love and style can I at least break even later...
  10. jeffreyhardy

    "The Repsol" cb500t New photos again lol

    I like the several evolutions this bike went through. Did you craft that seat bro? Who upholstered it?
  11. jeffreyhardy

    82 gpz 750... its a secret...

    +5 points for putting your tank in the dryer. That's dedication.
  12. jeffreyhardy

    Setbacks or blunders to your cafe projects?

    Re: Setbacks to your cafe projects? Planning!! Which is a sorry excuse, but when a little spurt of motivation pops up and you realize you didn't put in a parts order yet, it becomes a bummer.
  13. jeffreyhardy

    1970 CL350 Project

    Thought I should hit the ton on my bike thread. A little update, I spent the weekend getting organized and structuring a plan to get this bike on the road before the warm months leave me. By my calculations here in Georgia, since it is already 70+ degrees everyday, I have 5 good months left...
  14. jeffreyhardy

    CB200T build - nearly completed. see page 8 and 9 for pics

    Re: "killer b" CB200T build - updated with pics page 6 Its fantastic, I must have missed that post. Nice work on the english wheel.
  15. jeffreyhardy

    CB200T build - nearly completed. see page 8 and 9 for pics

    Re: "killer b" CB200T build - updated with pics So this is the Bates 1 seat mounted up? Great build man, i'm glad I spotted it!
  16. jeffreyhardy

    Local Rides and events.

    What kind of bike do you ride man? I'm over in downtown cumming.
  17. jeffreyhardy

    No title bike help

    I'm in the same boat on a bike that I bought with just the bill of sale. I didn't know anything at the time, and the gent that sold me the bike said that in the state of Georgia you only need the bill of sale. (wrong) Looking for a solution! Any ideas?
  18. jeffreyhardy

    CB550 Cafe Racer ..... It is finally done

    I know i'm not the only one wondering how the taillight worked out..
  19. jeffreyhardy

    1970 CL350 Project

    Alright DTT, I'm back on the build of my first bike. I need some information regarding acquiring a title for it. When I bought the bike from the previous owner it was his scrap bike and he did not have the title for it any longer. So, upon purchase we wrote out a bill of sale. I live in Georgia...
  20. jeffreyhardy

    rear sets from dcc

    What was the users name who was making sets and linkage kits out of his shop last year? You know if he is still selling sets?
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