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  1. Supergyro

    1974 CB360 - first bike/build

    Maybe I missed it earlier in the thread, but are you planning on using your electric start or just kicking the bike over? Curious as to your math for 7ah for the battery.
  2. Supergyro

    Headlight cutoff on ignition CB360?

    Hi all - I am wiring up my '76 CB360 after the PO snarled up the harness with poor soldering and hockey tape in his attempt at a "simplified" cafe harness. My question revolves around the ignition push button. On the wiring diagram for the original right hand controls (long gone on this bike)...
  3. Supergyro

    CB360 from rat cafe to real bike!

    Is that your speedo down above the points cover? Great looking build!
  4. Supergyro

    Pamco Electronic Ignition for CB360 (rotor interference issue)

    Those Snap-On digital wrenches sure are the easy button! I'm thankful to have the world's best neighbor to loan me his.
  5. Supergyro

    1976 GMC Motorhome

    In awe of your patience. Beautiful work sir!
  6. Supergyro

    Help Just Bought a 74' CB360!

    From a guy that has put a ton of time, not even money (though really, time is way more valuable) into a CB360... Buy a bigger bike. I'm very invested in seeing my build through, but if I had it all to do again, I would start with a larger bike. Just my opinion.
  7. Supergyro

    1991 cb750 nighthawk brat

    You do quick work sir! And it looks good to boot!
  8. Supergyro

    Pamco Electronic Ignition for CB360 (rotor interference issue)

    Great catch on the thrust washer! Going to be installing mine in a bit here so I'll be tracking your progress.
  9. Supergyro

    Antigravity Battery

    What size are you going with? Obviously not having electric start simplifies things...
  10. Supergyro

    WTB: CB360 triple and side covers/air box parts

    I've got a 77 CJ360 top triple. Would need repainting, but it's not cracked...
  11. Supergyro

    saving a 1980 KZ750 twin

    Beautifully done! Fantastic work all around.
  12. Supergyro

    Pamco electronic ignition??

    I have a Pamco with a-advance for my cb360. Unfortunately, it is awaiting install, so I can't speak to its actually functioning.
  13. Supergyro

    Appliance epoxy baking recipe

    I was also pleased with how little it gassed up the kitchen. After a 3-4 day curing time, it didn't really gas out any more. After experiencing this epoxy, I'm tempted to to paint a breather cover and some valve caps and see if they get chalky under running temps. It's much easier to use and...
  14. Supergyro


    How many hours polishing on that R1? It looks like even the steering damper is polished!
  15. Supergyro

    Appliance epoxy baking recipe

    Some pictures of the sheen/gloss after baking. First one is the headlight bucket and fork lowers sprayed with Rustoleum appliance epoxy and baked at 400. The next pic is the swingarm sprayed with VHT semi gloss and baked at 200. Notice how flat/matte it is.
  16. Supergyro

    Appliance epoxy baking recipe

    Hey fellas, thought I'd share a little about what I learned last night baking Rustoleum appliance epoxy paint. Last week I painted my aluminum fork lowers and steel headlight bucket with the gloss black epoxy paint. It went on glossy as advertised, with just a bit of orange peel from the can...
  17. Supergyro

    CB500 resto

    Those tins are looking mighty fine sir! What paint did you use for the frame?
  18. Supergyro

    Montreal Manchild with an '81 Honda CB750K

    Are your gold accents there on the carb hats, levers, badge and whatnot just gold caliper paint with 2K clear?
  19. Supergyro


    I love my Scorpion SG3 shorties. I wanted to avoid the gauntlets, but I was sure I wanted wrist sliders. I'm glad I bought them, as my brother went down on his and ground the sliders down quite a bit. Would hate for that to be my palm/wrists being mulched.
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