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  1. MotorbikeBruno

    1971 CL350 "The forgotten one"

    Well, I thought I'd put this one on the restoration section since that's where it's fitting at the moment. No plans to cafe' this one. Just bring her back from the dead and get her to a new home. The story with this machine comes from a mix of what's on the bike now and what the previous owner...
  2. MotorbikeBruno

    WTB 1971 CL350 seat - good shape

    Looking for a decent CL350 Seat. 1971 model.
  3. MotorbikeBruno

    Gas leaks, fuel pouring out of your carbs? Gas in the oil? How to fix list.

    Hello All, I recently checked in on the 1-800-CAFE-HELP board as I'm always up for helping others. Do I know it all? No, hardly, but I clean a lot of carburetors and fix a lot of old motorcycles so maybe something I've seen can help you stop that fuel from going where it shouldn't, or making...
  4. MotorbikeBruno

    1977 CB550 SS complete engine rebuild....going to need help I think...

    Well, I took a project off a friend's hands and I paid far too much for it maybe. Or maybe not. Either way, he had fully disassembled the engine and had the cases blasted etc. So my dilemma is that I have cleaned up and honed, or had machined several top ends, and cylinder walls, heads...
  5. MotorbikeBruno

    Need CB500 or CB550 fork legs (Found: AGAIN) Please delete this thread Mods.

    My forks are pitted/cratered so bad I can't use them, hell nobody can! So if you have a set of fork legs for a CB500/CB550 that you are willing to part with, let me know. Thanks in advance. Realistically the LEFT leg is the bad one, I could live with using my right one so if you only have the...
  6. MotorbikeBruno

    CB550 with stuck engine...any tricks you can share?

    Well, I searched for getting an engine unstuck, and well...I'm stuck. :P Here's my issue. I've got a "free" 1976 CB550 that was seized a bit...and by a bit...I mean holy crap it was in rough shape (hence free) I got all the bolts unstuck, got the top of the engine off, was able to get the...
  7. MotorbikeBruno

    1971 SL350 Engine work questions. Cyl #2 scuffed a bit

    Hey guys! I'll say thanks in advance for any insight and the best way to go about it. I'm helping a co-worker get his 1971 SL350 back in shape. It was sitting in a barn for several years. It ran great for a while and then I heard some cam chain noise. So I decided to check the tensioner as...
  8. MotorbikeBruno

    Making your own motorcycle collars?

    Hey gents. I swapped an exhaust that fit my CB500 (since it was made for the bike) to a different setup from a Suzuki Hayabusa. I was wondering how hard it might be to make the collars, not the part that you are physically screwing them down with, but the little "spacers" that make it a tight...
  9. MotorbikeBruno

    Need 74' CB360 head and camshaft ( FOUND NOW)

    Looking for CB360 Head and camshaft. 1974 compatible. I do not need the valves or anything else, just the head itself. Thanks guys! Bruno
  10. MotorbikeBruno

    Lower fork covers...cb500 or any bike?

    Hello Gents, not sure where to post this, so I thought it might fit into bodywork section... I'm working on a 1971 cb500. I really dig the look of benjies lower /upper fork covers. Are these only made by him? Or do other bikes have something that might fit? I generally like to make...
  11. MotorbikeBruno

    71' CB500 monoshock with no name...O2 sensor success!

    I suppose I'll start a thread on this poor bike I picked up. Got her for a steal, without a title, but called before I picked it up to ask about the VIN. Free and clear, title in my hand and name. Time to get to work. Cleaned out the carbs, got her running, ran her around the block and through...
  12. MotorbikeBruno

    DT250 starting problems.

    Well gents, I finally got a moment to get to a 1979 DT250F that I got a while back. The problem is that I can't seem to get it to run well. I've been lurking on Yamaha Enduro forum too, I got all the wiring sorted out, but I thought I would see if anyone on here has any knowledge of these...
  13. MotorbikeBruno

    1976 KZ400 clutch feels too tight (when installing new plates)

    Ok gents...I'm at a loss, and I've never run into a clutch with this type of install before... Background: Helping a friend of my brother in law swap out his clutch on a 1976 KZ400. He drove it over to my house, had me drive it, and the bike would only grip at the VERY end of the lever pull...
  14. MotorbikeBruno

    Oshkosh Airshow nose art!

    Just had a few shots from the airshow that I thought a few of you would like.
  15. MotorbikeBruno

    Exhaust pipe cross reference? Need SL350 pipes

    Is there an exhaust cross-reference list? I know that's one hell of a stab in the dark, but the axle diameter and fork tube diameter lists on our forum are AWESOME. Main problem is that I have a 1971 SL350 that is in need of some headers at the least, full system would be nice. I thought maybe...
  16. MotorbikeBruno

    1988 CBR600 cafe---waiting for winter tear-down--riding it now!

    Well, it's time for me to start this thread. I got this beauty for $300 last year and finally have the time to work on it now that the other bike is done and the wife is happy with it. The cbr came to me without any plastics on the front end. It did have a seat, gauges, and the rear panels...
  17. MotorbikeBruno

    Swapping triples on bikes

    Hey gents. I haven't done a ton of researching but I thought I would ask you guys since I've seen quite a few people swap triples so you could have a newer or different front end on a bike. I was wondering how hard and what safety concerns there might be. For example, I've got a guy I work...
  18. MotorbikeBruno

    Helping a kid near me CL450 questions.

    Hey guys, I responded to a kid on CL that said he needed help with his CL450. He's a younger dude that got a basket case and got in a little over his head ;) Not that we all haven't done something similar right? :-X Anyways. He said he was having trouble with his kick starter. So I came...
  19. MotorbikeBruno

    2-stroke newb with some questions!

    Well, I've had a myriad of bikes in my life thus far, but every two-stroke I've owned, has never had any problems and I ended up selling each one before they did. So in all honesty I don't really know much about them. I've got 2 new-to-me enduros and I'd like to actually learn something about...
  20. MotorbikeBruno

    60's suzuki gas tank $80 in MN Thought someone might be looking for something like this
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