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  1. Supergyro

    Headlight cutoff on ignition CB360?

    Hi all - I am wiring up my '76 CB360 after the PO snarled up the harness with poor soldering and hockey tape in his attempt at a "simplified" cafe harness. My question revolves around the ignition push button. On the wiring diagram for the original right hand controls (long gone on this bike)...
  2. Supergyro

    Appliance epoxy baking recipe

    Hey fellas, thought I'd share a little about what I learned last night baking Rustoleum appliance epoxy paint. Last week I painted my aluminum fork lowers and steel headlight bucket with the gloss black epoxy paint. It went on glossy as advertised, with just a bit of orange peel from the can...
  3. Supergyro

    How to tell if rear shock bushings need to be replaced.

    Looking at my CB360 swingarm here and it seems logical that a 40 year old rubber component of the suspension may be a prime candidate for an update. Am I on the right track with my thinking, or is that bushing a ride-it-til-it-fails part? If it should be replaced are there any modern bushings...
  4. Supergyro

    Soda blasting combustion chambers with valves in?

    Is it a bad idea to soda blast my combustion chamber and valve faces all as one? I hear conflicting reports on even blasting the combustion chamber at all, so I have no idea whether it is advisable or not. I'm waiting on a valve puller yet, so if I have to wait a bit longer, so be it. At this...
  5. Supergyro

    Should I get my CB360 running on points before switching to Pamco?

    Hello fellas.I'm running into a mental quandary with the application of the old axiom of "don't fix what isn't broken." I could use some help from you guys to decide which way to progress. I had my CB360 running, but with a few issues. In my jubilant state I decided a test drive was in order...
  6. Supergyro

    Hello from sunny Fargo, ND

    Greetings folks. This is Mike from Fargo. (West Fargo if we're being particular) I recently got my hands on a '76 CB360. The PO had already started the cafe conversion , sourcing parts from an untitled CJ360 that also came with this bike. I've spent the last few weeks getting her ready to ride...
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