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  1. Maritime

    Carb needle retainer clips - Not the "e" clip for PZ19

    Ok, tuning the new Hyosung carb last night and got it working close but wanted to raise the needle a bit as it was lean at WOT, pulled over, pulled slide, pushed on the needle to pop the retainer and had my hand out to catch it like 1000 times before only to have the little fucker go flying into...
  2. Maritime

    Baja Yaris - for shits and giggles

    So I love Baja VWs but will not have $$ to buy or build one so I decided Im gonna make a Baja Yaris. Pan is to.lift it 1.5" front and back. Put 27*8.5 R14 General Grabber ATx tires, roof basket and if I can get it.shipped and afford it a.skid plate from UK where they rally these all day long. I...
  3. Maritime

    Live edge butternut desk

    Grabbed 2 pieces of 2" thick butternut to make a desk top from for the family room. They are trimmed and ruff sanded waiting for a router bit I ordered to true the glue edge. They will get clamped and glued then finished sanded and trimmed to about 7'. Ordered some file bases and legs from Ikea...
  4. Maritime

    50ccs of fury 14 year olds get to school ride

    I swear i started a thread already but i can't find it anyway got this whip for $200 with a title Nd new tires so already in the black. Has sat a couple years. 2005 Hyosung Rally 50. So far. Cleaned carb. It was disgusting. Freed ztuck cables. Needs a battery. Doing compression test tomorrow...
  5. Maritime

    Review - Spark Moto LED Aux lights

    Ordered a Pair of the Spark Moto Aux lights for the GL to boost the visibilty of both the bike and the road ahead. Very impressed with the quality so far. Only have them mounted, will get them wired tonight and report on the output but the lights themselves are very well made and all the...
  6. Maritime

    Cosplay costume - Kirito from SAO

    So we are doing the comic cons again, only this time the big show NYC comic con. Magoo decided he wants to do a Character from Sword Art Online, an Anime/book/video series. So the character has 2 swords, Elucidator and Dark Reaper. Need to make them with a bit of a twist. We are flying to NY so...
  7. Maritime

    Any TOR members up for a beer?

    I find myself with some free time this evening while in Toronto for work. Any DTT folks up for a beer? Cheers Maritime
  8. Maritime

    81-83 XV750 Virago Hitachi carb throttle cable bracket

    I need the bracket that attaches to the Carb for the throttle cable, it's missing and the home made version I tried doesn't stay put so I can't get full throttle when I ride it. Need the part circled in the pic.
  9. Maritime

    1983 Suzuki GSX650 or GS650M anyone have one???

    Hello folks, there is a 1983 GSX650 for sale local for 600 bucks, complete, titled, not running. Anyone know if there is anything bad about them or if there is a lot of parts made from unobtanium on them? I want to grab it and fix/ride/flip or Keep if I can. Thanks for any info in advance! I...
  10. Maritime

    82 Virago 750 help a buddy get back on the road winter project.

    OK a lady I work with knows I tinker on sickles and her husband has a bike a friend was supposed to get it running better and shagged it up.I checked it over tonight and a few bits and I'll get it to the point I'll know I can fix it or toss it.
  11. Maritime

    First ride since the crash.

    So I took the CX out first time on a bike si CE the deer ruined last season. Battery was shot and I think one side was running rich. See the plug. I cleaned the carbs new plugs and hopefully I can ride tomorrow without issues.
  12. Maritime

    Maritime's new GL - 2UP Distance eater

    So most of you know, I got hit by a deer while riding my 79 GL1000. I needed to figure out what to do with her, she is beat up as bad or worse than I am. So I looked at new to me bikes or rebuilding and while I was deciding a deal came up on a complete titled 1980 GL1100 that made the decision...
  13. Maritime

    Hey dad can we make a wizard staff with a blue crystal that glows?

    So my son wanted to be a wizard for all hallows eve and wanted a staff with a blue crystal that lights up. So I sent him out back to find a good stick, we cut it and sanded it a bit, then hollowed out the end, took one of his mom's fancy candle holders, blue ink and a mini LED. And boom...
  14. Maritime

    1984 Coleman shannandoah pop up Campa

    So we scored this campa from Maine for an affordable price. 1984 means it is light enough for our crv but still has room inside as in a queen bunk for us and a queen dinette for guests with a double for the kid. In really great shape, new canvas 3 years ago, frame excellent and everything...
  15. Maritime

    Sparck Moto - Saved my ass and great product

    Some of you may not know but Sonreir who runs Spark Moto also can hook you up with quality vinyl decals. I had stupidly gone and grabbed a set off Ebay not thinking Matt would be able to do what I needed, they came in were poor quality and one was damaged during installation. So I reached out to...
  16. Maritime

    Deep scratches in Chrome - can you buff out?

    So I am doing a resto mod on a 98 Magna, lots of chrome. most of it like new and a quick wipe with polish and it is a mirror. One of the pipes at the rear has some scratches from a passenger boot and they are pretty deep. I hit it with a power polisher and the fine ones mostly went away but...
  17. Maritime

    Warning Not a Cafe-Brat-tracker- Resto Mod of 98 Magna

    Like the title says, it is a thread about a power cruiser resto mod, if you like that style follow along, if not, move to the next thread. So my boss noticed I build bikes, he asked if I could do one for him. Not having cash for my own build this winter I said for sure. The plan is to tear it...
  18. Maritime

    so what do you do when 3 very large cedars come down?

    You drink beers around a huge bonfire ;D
  19. Maritime

    fucking winter!

    So we went to the in-laws for the weekend and came home. Left it was fall, it was raining when we left for home, half way it turned to slush. Arrived home to 12" or more of snow. No power and two trees down one right across the stairs. Fuck. Then The new to us crv has VSA which is an...
  20. Maritime

    Halloween Pics

    I'll start, all the departments at work here are competing. Our AP team:
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