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  1. DesertKZ

    Learning to weld

    Watching a lot of youtube videos and practicing on scrap. As stated above, don't weld anything your life may depend on while you're getting good at it.
  2. DesertKZ

    CX500 Cafe - Reba

    I have a CX, one of my favorite bikes. Love what you've done here!
  3. DesertKZ

    Something wild

    That table is awesome!
  4. DesertKZ

    Vintage Privateer Smoker (RD350 Race Bike)

    Re: First Vintage Race Inspired Smoker Sucks about the GT, looked like a pretty involved project for sure.
  5. DesertKZ

    "Cafe Racer" such a loose term! Craigslist "Gem" of the week!

    Re: "Cafe Racer" such a loose term! Craigslist "Gem" of the week! Or "project" or "Rat Rod". I go to BJ every year, definitely a spectacle but Craigslist heroes will capitalize for sure.
  6. DesertKZ

    Blue Haze - a two-stroke miscellany

    Now that's nice!
  7. DesertKZ

    Buying a reproduction Benelli Mojave tank

    Cool tank and that's a nice price. I coat all my tanks with the POR-15 kit but everyone will have different opinions.
  8. DesertKZ

    Uncle Ernie's Inspirational Pics

    Wow, I need a cold shower....
  9. DesertKZ

    What items do you think should be in your local shop that are not

    Usually carburetor parts i.e. jets and such. We have a few small shops in the Phoenix area and I end up usually having to go to all of them.... Thankfully Al Gore invented the internet.
  10. DesertKZ

    Honda XR650L "El Conquistador"

  11. DesertKZ

    ZRX1100 - Let's upgrade some stuff.

    Haha. It's like that hot chick only letting you slip the tip in.
  12. DesertKZ

    ZRX1100 - Let's upgrade some stuff.

    There's only one dealer here in Phoenix (that I know of) that has these in stock, and won't let you touch them..... Love the ZRX, if I didn't have my ZX14 I'd have a ZRX doing exactly what you're doing.
  13. DesertKZ

    Arizona mates

    A few of us roll up to Mesa Bike Night, first Friday of every month in downtown Mesa and fuck with the harley crowd haha. I roll through the lines on my GT750 with race chambers and steal the attention away from even the most blinged out choppers. As it cools down you'll see a lot more cafe...
  14. DesertKZ

    Would you buy this cx500?

    I have a '79CX500 at home. Thing starts everytime and that motor runs smooth as silk. When you get on it hard the bike kinda torques left and right, really unique feeling. This has been a fun discussion to read haha just buy the damn thing.
  15. DesertKZ

    My strokers

  16. DesertKZ

    Photos from Ponoka 2015 Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group

    That's a clean looking Buffalo in there, thanks for the cool pics.
  17. DesertKZ

    2005 HD Sportster Build

    Damn, I need to drink more vodka redbull's, nice job on the vinyl!
  18. DesertKZ

    '82 Moto Guzzi v50 Rebuild/Redesign

    Looking good. Be mindful of those plastic in-line filters, if the tubes are pulled too much they'll break down and bend and could cause fuel shortage (happened to me). Nice job.
  19. DesertKZ

    Getting started

    I think dual shock looks better on a vintage bike, looks like you're headed in a good direction.
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