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  1. Mike Lawless

    Sportster Rescue

    So I found the decrepit and f-ugly 1987 Sporty for cheap. Both of my other bikes are riders and not much needs doing on those, so this will be a fun project. Cheap enough to where I can cut it up and do whatever I want. It wouldn't start when I bought, but took a chance anyway. I got it home and...
  2. Mike Lawless

    My "Other Car" is faster than yours.

    That's what the license plate frame says on my pick-up truck anyway. This is what I do when I'm not messin' with bikes....
  3. Mike Lawless

    Opinion on RD400

    Looking for a project bike, I ran across this RD400 about 100 miles away. Looks OK in the one picture, but the ad says it needs pistons and cylinder bore. Kinda looks like the carbs are off too. Concerns.... Price seems a bit high for something that probably doesn't run Also since it doesn't...
  4. Mike Lawless

    Shirt designs from "Back in the Day"

    I used to make my living doing this. I still do a few designs for those that really want something of my particular style. Here are few from days gone by, and most are close to ten years old now. These are all drawn by hand in pencil first, then with pen and ink, then scanned with the color work...
  5. Mike Lawless

    75th Sturgis Anyone?

    I know the Sturgis Bike Rally is primarily a Harley/Indian/Big Cruiser type event. I was wondering if any from this crowd were planning on going? I booked my room for next year already, August 3-9, and the closest I could get for reasonable money was 100 miles away. Everything within 50 miles...
  6. Mike Lawless

    After a short absence...

    The last time I had an active post was back in March. I had completed a light duty build on a GS300 Suzuki. I have since sold that on. It was a fun project, but as it turned out, it wasn't something I could ride very far. The reality of a 58 year old body, and a low-bar crouched riding position...
  7. Mike Lawless

    Mikuni BS30 Carbs

    Stock equipment on 1982 Suzuki GS300 Good clean condition and complete. Air box and rubber air box connectors also available. $150 shipped via USPS in the US
  8. Mike Lawless

    Question about reward points

    After a few orders at DCC, I've noticed I'm racking up "reward points". Now that I have some, what is there to do with them? Thanks!
  9. Mike Lawless

    Suzuki/Mikuni Carb Help

    I seek knowledge! 1982 GS300. It had been sitting for a while and ran "OK"... for a while. It began to run poorly, bogging, sputtering missing, etc. So I assumed some varnish had worked loose and had begun to muck up the works. I decided to clean the fuel system, including disassembling the...
  10. Mike Lawless

    Not Really a Bob, Not Cafe, GS300 Suzuki

    It's been a long long time since I owned a bike. Being widowed a little while back, I'm pretty much free to do what I want. I also needed something to keep occupied. So, I picked up a very low mileage 1983 GS300. A very nice, low mileage and good running cruiser with a big squishy seat, a...
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