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  1. iatethepeach

    Source for felt dust seal material

    The felt gaskets that seal my drum brakes where the arms enter the panels is shot. Anybody know where to buy a sheet of material to make suitable replacements? Looks like they may have been about 1/8" thick when they were new, 50 years ago. Is felt from an arts-and-crafts store close enough?
  2. iatethepeach

    Another "You Can Guess What Happens Next" Trail 90 Thread

    The CL ad was brief. A single wildly off-center and out-of-focus photo of a rusty yellow frame in a dark and cluttered shed accompanied the text, "Doesn't run. Semi taken apart. No title. Make offer." I immediately imagined myself ripping through the southwest in a 3/4 shell and flannel shirt...
  3. iatethepeach

    Soliciting oil leak help

    I thought this leak was from the head gasket. Now that the motor's on my bench, I'm not sure. Is it a good idea to change the base gasket after loosening the head on a Honda 100, anyway? The head is clearly weeping at the rear. The front seems dry. The upper channel between the cylinder and cam...
  4. iatethepeach

    Soliciting Honda 100/125 engine removal help

    I'm having trouble getting the motor out of the XL100. I can wiggle it a bit at each mount point, but it feels like something's catching on the rear, or the lower-rear mount points are pinching the case, preventing it from sliding forward. The movement at the other points feels unrestricted...
  5. iatethepeach

    High-mileage CL70

  6. iatethepeach

    Charging a pair of 6V batteries

    (Sorry if I missed something in the Electrical stickies.) I have two of these little 6V/6Ah 6N6-3B I'd like to charge. Can I safely connect them in series to a 12V/2A manual charger (like this ), and will that work? The batteries are from the same...
  7. iatethepeach

    Keihin 22mm carb - washer question

    Included in the Honda gasket kit for my XL100's carb are a 6mm metal washer, a red fiber washer, and a small o-ring. Can anyone tell me where the metal washer belongs? I can't find it on the parts fiche. I'm assuming the red fiber washer goes under the float valve, and the o-ring belongs on the...
  8. iatethepeach

    My first bike, the 1974 XL100

    Hey enduro fans, look what I dug out of the back of the shed this spring: My dad bought it new in '74. He used to take my brother and I for rides around the hill on it, then taught me to ride it about as soon as my feet could reach the pegs. It's been buried at my parents' place since the...
  9. iatethepeach

    BOUGHT - early '70s CL/CB100 front signal stalks

    Anyone have a pair they'd sell me for a decent price? I need them to finish my ammo-box panniers project. It seems like a lot of folks here toss their factory signals for little LED aftermarket jobs, so I thought I'd ask. The OEM part number is 33441-107-670, but the important thing is there...
  10. iatethepeach

    Six-speed CL100?

    After putting some highway miles on the scrambler yesterday, I'm less than happy with the gearing. 1st is too tall for some of the trails I'll ride regularly (cabin driveway), and 5th doesn't feel tall enough. I don't know much about transmissions or re-gearing, so maybe this is a naive...
  11. iatethepeach

    CL100 rear signals- rubber mounts?

    Should CL100/CB100/etc. rear signal stalks have rubber mounts between them and the fender? On my bike's signals there's a suspicious gap:
  12. iatethepeach

    New CL100 Owner

    This is where I'm at:
  13. iatethepeach

    Vintage Japanese swap meet near York, PA - Aug 14-16

    Whoops, I probably should have posted this here, rather than in "PA." Newb.
  14. iatethepeach

    Vintage Japanese swap meet Aug. 14-16 in Spring Grove

    Sorry if this is a repost. I've never been to this show but I thought I'd share the info. I plan to check it out this year.
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