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  1. irk miller

    1970 CB350 Spring Thaw Hellride

    A longtime friend since freshman year in high school hooked me up with a 1970 CB350. He’s already done a bunch of work on it, but now it’s in my hands, so I’ll make some changes. I’ve already pulled the seat and tank. I’m really suffering with the decision whether or not to make any changes to...
  2. irk miller

    1972 XS650 Heavy Metal Sled

    The last project to come out of my Mid-Ohio haul is a ‘72 XS650. We were hanging out at our swap spot when a dude approached us figuring we were the perfect suckers to take his buddy’s XS pile. BradJ’s freshly painted ‘77 was for sale and our spot is right at the back entrance to the parking, so...
  3. irk miller

    1982 Honda FT500 Cruel Sport Hellride

    One of the bikes I brought back from Mid-Ohio was this titled FT500. JustinLonghorn and I are developing a semi-annual tradition of horse trading, with this year’s trade being the FT for a titled 76 GL1000 roller. I think we both did alright, though I think Justin should’ve brought a spare set...
  4. irk miller

    GZ250 Mini-monkey Hellride

    A while back, a buddy asked me to store his Suzuki GZ250 when he went to work in New Zealand. It has a great running engine, but paint and body is not the best. Since then, he’s asked me to sell it, while giving me free reign on customizing it. I get 50% of the take. Me being me, I can’t just...
  5. irk miller

    1978 CB550 Pieces/Parts Hellride

    Just gonna put this here... Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
  6. irk miller

    1972 Nopar Volksrod Hellride

    The 1972 Nopar Volksrod Hellride with my daughter Stella, who is totally geeked out for this ride. Okay folks. Another car thread. For better or for worse, there are very few internet forums with an interface as good as Simple Machines. I like this crowd and I love this site, so you guys get...
  7. irk miller

    XR200 Woods Porn Hellride

    Gotta cheap XR200 from a dude in Thompson, Georgia- about 40 minutes away. He bent a valve after changing the cam chain when he didn’t time it right. I’ve been looking for a small cc submarine to get me to the treehouse, and an XR200 fits the bill perfectly. First order of business is to pull...
  8. irk miller

    Dreadnotred Hellride chopper

    We'll begin this thread with what is currently a red, possibly Amen, chopper with a CB550 K1 engine. The motor may change. The motor may stay the same. When I open it up, I'll know more. First things first was to pull the ape hangers, which aren't worth a pic, to put in another set of bars...
  9. irk miller

    1974 Suzuki GT185: Sister Power

    Well, this will be an honest attempt at a restoration. A good friend offered it exchange for some work as a bike for my wife or my daughters. I think that’s the perfect future for this little scoot. I will love getting my two girls on this bike. I know nothing of 2 stroke wizardry, so there...
  10. irk miller

    Timing light out at full advance

    Searching for the tune on my chopper with the 77 CB750 motor, I'm seeing an interesting phenomena that internet searches aren't explaining. When checking my timing with a timing light, I am getting good readings on 1/4. Timing is spot on at idle and at full advance. When I check 2/3, however...
  11. irk miller

    Rich on 1,2,4 Lean-ish on 3 CB750 SOHC

    Maybe you guys can help me diagnose an issue I have had with my CB750 motor for going on 4 years now. It's why I shelved this motor, before I got the bright idea to put it in a chopper. I've gone through all the checks. I've done everything I know to do and nothing seems to work. It's...
  12. irk miller

    BGW Tri-Rod Panty Dropper Hellride

    Okay, so I totally dropped the ball on a Mid-Ohio go kart for this year. I thought everyone had forgotten, but then I got called out this weekend. To make up for my lame ass lack of concentration, I present this trike for Mid-Ohio 2019 antics. It's a BGW Tri-Rod from the seventies. The bike...
  13. irk miller

    1978 Suzuki DR370 Historic Class Hellride

    I came back from Mid-O with a 1978 DR370. It's a good running bike with a lot of painted rust, but the bones are all good. It'll need a bunch of work to make it pretty, but my intention is more to have a bike I can run in AHRMA Post Vintage MX Historic Class races, Hare Scrambles and other...
  14. irk miller

    1979 Chevy C10 Hellride

    Here is my old Chevy C10 Bonanza that my mom named Clunky many years ago. It was bought new off the lot by my great uncle to work his peanut farm in Sylvania, Georgia. The first thing he did to it was rip out the nozzle hole in the filler tube so he could fit the lead fuel nozzle. He ran his...
  15. irk miller

    1978 Honda CB750f Supersport Survivor- SOLD

    Up for sale is a 1978 Honda CB750 Supersport. NO TITLE. Georgia Bill of Sale will accompany the sale of this motorcycle. The story: This motorcycle was part of a complete estate sale after the previous, and original, owner passed away. This bike was kept in climate control storage since...
  16. irk miller

    Biting the hand that feeds all of us... or however that saying goes.

    Not sure if this guy's karma is suffering, but maybe it needs to. As if the industry needs it's own actively trying to kill it.
  17. irk miller

    1996 HD Sportster 883 I’ll need a hugger when it’s over Hellride

    Here we go into my first foray with Harley Davidson. A friend of a friend here in town brought me this Sportster he bought back from his insurance company. Apparently, an old lady back into it and they totaled it or some shit. Anyway, he’s got several grand in settlement and asked if I would do...
  18. irk miller

    1997 BMW F650ST to F650R: Enduro Hellride Conversion

    Time for more projects. I was ready to rid myself of the DR350 because it was strictly dirt and lacked title or tag-a-bility. A local guy was killing the Funduro and wanted to trade for a dirt bike. I’m taking the hit in the deal, but I see a lot of untapped potential in this machine. It has a...
  19. irk miller

    CB750 No Plunger Hellride Freedom Machine

    Thanks to the gracious delivery of this 70's era plunger frame from New Mexico to Alabama by Canyoncarver, I'm jumping into this chopper build with two feet. I've reached out to several forums, sorted through various catalogs and ads from the 70s, but have yet to identify the manufacturer with...
  20. irk miller

    1986 xr-z50r big wheel hellride

    I just pulled in a 9 bike z50r haul. I'm looking to restore as many as three of them, with the 86 seemingly the most solid. Plus it's a classic gold wheel Honda dirt bike. This will be my first actual restoration: Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
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