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  1. spyra78

    N°7 xv750

    Hi, just bought another virago as it was pretty cheap. Working on it for a few weeks on and off now. Managed to fit the 160x18 at the rear after some mods to the swinger. Tl1000 front, subframe. Along with the 70s dt tank made to fit. Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  2. spyra78

    N°7 xv750

    Hey, just bought it a few weeks ago just cause it was like $300 and decided to have some fun with it. So far I managed to fit 160 x18 on the rear after some mods to the swinger, fixed the tl1000 front and made a subframe along with the tank of a 70 dt I made to fit. Slowly but surely.. tbc...
  3. spyra78

    Hard tail sport 76

    Hi! Started new project a few of weeks ago. The bike was darn ugly when it arrived to my shop. I didn't even take a pic of it. Wennt straight to stripping it. The engine is a full rebuilt. Needs to be run in. Both wheels relaced for 16" . Going to be a hard tail. A bit of improvisation as the...
  4. spyra78

    SSSA USD XV750 Virago build Again

    Hi there! just started my second X750 build . decided to go slightly different route this time. Saying with the USD front and the an NTV SSSA though. this is how far i am for now: making some reversed cones as well: tbc...
  5. spyra78

    Boardtracker project by spyra78

    Hi ! just about to start my new project and i would be very grateful for all the comments. i do have an engine and couple of wheels and the plan is to make the rest myself. i have had a few ideas on what i want to build next: . . there was a couple more but: this is the rough sketch of...
  6. spyra78

    Shafty Virago 750 USD/SSSA cafe/bobber

    Hi to all! started on it some time ago and here is what i got till now. Its first time for me so please comment. All comments are welcome:)/ Learning everyday. and here is the photostory: started as a pretty stock: had those two to choose of: stripped it all down: had to work on it a...
  7. spyra78

    Hello Everone! Witam wszystkich! :)

    Hi there! Pretty new here- registered 10mins ago. My name is Wojtek(Voyteck). I live in Poland for some time now;) Always wanted to get my hand on a real project and finally managed to organize some time and bike for it! :D Happy now! here is the plan: Virago750 as a donor +Suzuki TL1000 USD+...
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