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  1. DesertKZ

    H2R goes 206+ @ Isle of Man

  2. DesertKZ

    Another + for SprayMax

    I used Duplicolor charcoal-silver followed up with Spraymax glamour gloss. Turned out awesome. For anyone out there still scared of painting their own projects at home I'm proof even a knucklehead like me can pull it off. 3 bikes down doing using this process.
  3. DesertKZ

    Sacreligious? Need opinions

    Picked this Buffalo project last month and am about to pull the motor to prep the frame. Really having no solid direction, I tossed an old tail off a KZ project on for shits and grins and I think it flows pretty good. Opinions? Don't mind the skinny rear, it's getting swapped soon.
  4. DesertKZ

    GT750 Tank Issues

    Scored a '75 GT750 this weekend for a "smokin" deal. You could tell the guy that owned it put the bare amount of $ possibly intending to just flip it. Anyways, the inside of the gas tank was POR-15'd recently and looks decent. However, there are some pinholes that seep gas near the bottom of...
  5. DesertKZ

    New Tank Paint CX500

    Not a cafe bike but it's for my girl so she can start learning how to ride. Stripped the tank, pulled some dents, primed, sanded, primed, Duplicolor base, Spraymax Clear. Love me some Spraymax, been using it for a few years. Cool little bike these CX's are, way smoother than my KZ.
  6. DesertKZ

    Custom Fiberglass Seat Cowl ***finished pg 2

    My girl likes to ride so a traditional cafe seat was out of the question (I don't really regard my bike as a cafe racer anyways, being as it's a 1000). I molded this out of fiberglass laid on top of the stock seat. Came out pretty good. Base coat is on, going to stripe a little then clear.
  7. DesertKZ

    AZ Peeps Need Some Help

    Anybody near Gilbert with a manometer willing to help me sync my carbs? I don't have much $$$ but I'd be willing to trade a 12-pack of your favorite beverage. I'll come to you if needed, thanks everyone. Local shops want $100+.
  8. DesertKZ

    New from AZ

    Been lurking this board for inspiration for some time and figure I'd join up. Thanks for all of the good info so far! I have a '79 KZ1000st that I've bobbed the exhaust on, added Tarozzi clip-ons, pods, lowered headlight/gauges. It's not really a cafe racer and it's not really a street...
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