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  1. vwrabbit

    For those with pinhole or slightly larger leaks

    I was able to successfully solder my two leaky tanks using a Wen 450 watt soldering iron, silver solder (Bernzomatic brand for metal work) and flux. The tank was drained and left open for a month. I've also read that it needn't be drained fully, but I wasn't willing to try that route. There was...
  2. vwrabbit

    1982 Kawasaki KZ440 LTD

    Since I can't ever work on just one thing. And my CB125S2 is just about done (skipping seat and keeping it stock for now)... Used a '78 KZ650 tail and trimmed the seat pan. Might trim it more or replace it altogether.
  3. vwrabbit

    1975 Honda CB125S

    I've taken over ownership of my brother's old CB125. It's a '75 and when my brother got it back in the 90s, it was near mint. It's survived some stints off-road and at college while in his care. Now that I have a garage and a little $, it's time to do what I've been wanting to ever since he...
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